Off Topic : Phil Ivey looking for selling weed, Loosing your finger on a poker table

Jose Canseco’s finger fell off during a poker tournament

Last saturday, as a macabre story, on Twitter former baseball professional, Jose Canesco has finally announced to followers about his left middle-finger who fallen off while he was playing in a poker tournament. “I was playing in a poker tournament last night and my finger fell off”, said the former major league slugger. Giving a definitive proof to all he also added “someone took a video of it”. Just an attempt to make more credible his post after the blows of strange things he wrote out on the well known social network.


His previous twits were not encouraging at all but at least sounded hilarious, something like: “I put my finger in the freezer anyone want finger appetizers”. To switch very serious some hours later: “my finger should have been amputated from the beginning. It was very loose with no bone to connect it. It was also smelling really bad”. Jose Canesco shot accidentally his finger off while cleaning his gun, nearby was his model fiance Laila Knight. Accident which happened in Las Vegas on last October. The emergency surgery was not really successful and doctors said he will never get back full use if his hand. Something even worst happened but Canseco still look at it as a life lesson: “I am just glad nothing happened to her. if it’s a lesson having to lose a finger, so be it.”


Jean Robert Bellande $70k after winning weight loss bet

Hundreds of likes on Instagram for the $70K weight loss prop et win of Jean Robert Bellande, the eccentric poker player who has now moved to Macau to party his “tonnes down” triumph. Bellande posted a video of himself lying on his “office” swimming pool to tell about the massif win. “Rich living at the Mandarin Macau! Super happy right now” he wrote under his post. Another picture on the social network saw the “Broke Living”, as the poker players use to call him, on a scale while was weighing himself to give a proof of the weight loss. The bet goal for the popular poker player was to loss 19 kilograms in few months and it was made with the famous player Bobby Baldwin. Weight diminution hard to conquer but not enough to do not get it!

Underwater poker tournament organized for charity

The game table was anchored on the swimming pool bottom while plastic cards and chips were ready to float. Can you figure out how amazing could be to hear your heartbeat while you are blowing on the oxygen dispenser managing a pair of aces and jack? So, all fine for the Underwater Poker Tournament and Silent Auction which has been held on the 7th/8th November in Northern Colorado to benefit Veterans Helping Veterans Now, a local fundraiser. The motto sounded like let’s play poker while we are helping out someone who need it. Tournament which was open to all, pro divers or not, has been hosted by High Plains Scuba and public was free to show up.


Phil Ivey ready to deal Medical Marijuana

Phil Ivey is going to the weed business. His name appears between 26 candidates which have successfully applied for a city pot permit to be given by the Las Vegas city council, as the Las Vegas review-Journal recently stated. Phil Ivey is now searching consensus from the state health department in order to be approved as a medical marijuana business operator. Phil Ivey has also been on the spotlights for a dispute against the Crockford’s Casino which denied him a 12.4 million dollars win, apparently for cheating. Ivey has appealed at the High Court in London, where the dispute is rolling, to get back is money. Should be it enough for well investing on the new legalized marijuana Nevada market.

Complicate decision for Phil Ivey : Massage or weed? Photo Club Poker





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