The Day of the Biggest Pot in Online Poker History


It’s November 21st 2009, and online poker is at its peak. The high stakes games are flowing more consistently than ever before.

As a young Swedish player named Isildur takes on the very best the poker world has to offer. Curiosity about his true identity grows. He has already dealt a devastating blow to Tom Dwan‘s bankroll and seems happy to multi table against numerous world class opponents simultaneously.

Patrick Antonius, a Full Tilt sponsored Finnish pro with millions in online earnings is one of the opponents Isildur plays against regularly. But this session will be a little different to anything seen before. As Isildur takes an open seat at $500/$1,000 PLO and starts a session against Patrick Antonius.

Those watching have no idea that they are about to see a momentous moment in online history. The money flows back and forth as the players keep reloading causing the total amount of money on the table to rise to a staggering figure of almost $2 million.

This is the culmination of a perfect storm with young online pros clearly having no regard for the money at stake feeling that anything they lose can easily be won back. The industry is also growing larger and injecting millions into advertising and sponsorship.Full Tilt are actively hoping to be seen as the home of the largest online games in the world.

On this day, they succeed in that task emphatically. With effective stacks at around $678,000 Isildur opens a nicely connected hand of 6789 single suited.

Antonius 3 bets the powerful looking AKK3 double suited. A 4 bet from Isildur ensues, followed by an inevitable 5 bet from Antonius, and a call in position. With $165,000 already in the middle, 245 rainbow hits the board and from this point, the action can only go one way. Antonius has flopped the second nuts and the young Swede has a huge wrap straight draw, with no imminent fear of flush cards. Antonius bets, Isildur1 raises and all the money goes in.

Although Antonius has the best of it, he still only has 54.6% equity. Fortunately for him though, the straight holds up, and $1,356,946 is shipped to the Finnish pro.

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