The best sites for rush/zoom poker in 2019

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When Rush/Zoom poker first arrived on the scene, it provided a revolutionary twist to an already much-loved game. Like all good ideas, the concept was quite simple and the impact was clear to see. Full Tilt was the first to introduce the idea, which at its core, is about speed of play and action. Since then, many other sites have imitated the format under differing names. Here are some of the best places to play Rush/Zoom poker in 2019.

What is Rush/Zoom poker?

This form of poker allows players to begin a new hand at a new table every time they click the fold button. Most poker rooms offer an option to view the hand you have just folded after it plays out, but the key principle is that you don’t have to. You can move on and start another hand while other opponents are still tanking. This means you will see lots more hands per hour and that your opponents will be mostly different, or at least sat in new seats.

Because the system groups players who are waiting to start a new hand onto a new table, and all players are selected from a pool of players who are involved, you can sometimes see the same players again, but everyone is being rotated at random. This restricts individual fish being targeted by attempting to get position on them and speeds up play for everyone, which is perhaps why the format has become very popular. PokerStars calls it Zoom, Bodog calls it Zone and partypoker calls it fast-forward. Whatever the name though, the principles are the same.

The increased action via speed of play is a key selling point of the game, but it also offers players the chance to hop in and out at will and more hands per hour. Strong players often gravitate towards this speedier form of poker which has its downsides but can also help players learn and improve faster. Here is a summary of what each online room offers with regards to Rush/Zoom.

In this article, we will present our selection of Best Rush/Zoom Poker Sites to play in 2019.

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As well as almost all other famous sites, Bodog and Ignition also have their variation of Rush/Zoom Poker called: “Zone Poker”. Unlike the others, the games here are totally anonymous, so even a screen-name can not be seen while playing your opponents. It is not possible to color-tag your opponents/make notes on their actions and behavior at the table or use HUDs (Trackers). This doesn’t mean this has a negative effect on the Bodog/Ignition’s variant of the popular format at all. In our honest opinion, the softest fast-fold games can be found right here at this network.

  • Bodog and Ignition are the only options for US and Australian players who wish to play this type of poker
  • The tables are generally quite soft
  • HUD’s are not allowed
  • No European players
  • Good software and player traffic
  • Games start at NL5

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Visit Ignition for Australian/American Players

Visit Bodog for Asian Players

Part Fast Forward


Dissimilar to most poker rooms, partypoker precludes the utilization of third-party tracking and playing help tools. This guarantees no player has an unfair edge – much increasingly significant in quick paced games with a constant rotation of opponents. Party does not take it as far as Bodog/Ignition by even anonymizing screen names as well as the ability to color-tag and make notes on your opponent, but as of recently it’s prohibited to make use of Trackers/HUDs.

Partypoker is the home of fastforward. Presently, play on your PC OR smart phone to discover why this arrangement is such a distinct advantage!

  • Games as high as NL200 and NL500 sometimes run, but there are also NL5 games and upwards.
  • Good VIP system
  • Good traffic
  • Good software
  • HUD’s are not allowed

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Contact us for a VIP Partypoker Deal!

Natural8 fastpace

Natural8 (GG Network)

For players in Asia looking to play Rush poker, Natural8 is one of the few places to play. This not a bad thing either, as there are many positive aspects to Natural 8, especially in terms of playing Rush poker.

  • The fields are quite soft although you will still encounter some regulars
  • Rake is high and HUD’s cannot be used
  • Natural8 follows an “ante only” format
  • Good software
  • Good traffic
  • Excellent rakeback deal (65% Cash Drop promotion)
  • Good VIP system

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Visit Natural8

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888Poker developed a reputation over several years for having dated software but since a recent update, that is no longer the case. 888Poker is now competitive in this area and offers an excellent experience to those who wish to play Rush/Zoom poker.

  • NL2 (50bb Buy-ins) all the way up to NL200 has games running
  • Good traffic
  • Software is now very good having recently been updated
  • Extremely long timebanks
  • Soft fields
  • No HUD
  • Rake is high
  • Plenty of action at NL 50 and NL100 levels

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Play 888poker

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As the giant of the online poker industry, PokerStars has a lot to offer in terms of traffic and software. With cutbacks in rewards and increases in rake, PokerStars is quickly making itself one of the least appealing places to play, but there are still positives to be found. Full Tilt is rightly credited with inventing Zoom poker but PokerStars rebranded it as Zoom and developed its popularity into what it is today. PokerStars has sought to enforce a patent on Zoom poker but for now, other sites are offering near identical game types.

  • NL2 – NL200 runs regularly, with NL500 also sometimes running
  • PLO2 – PLO200 also runs
  • Highest traffic of any online poker room
  • Best software
  • Long timebanks which are good for multi tabling (Recent cap of 4 tables per player isn’t, though)
  • HUD can be used
  • Action can be found at almost any stakes, but competition is very tough
  • HU Zoom is back (but starts at NL50 and traffic is low)

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