Seven questions to Japanese Poker Pro Tetsuya Tsuchikawa

If you are playing the live circuit in Asia, you have probably already met Tetsuya Tschuchikawa. The Japanese "Doyle Bronson" is a key figure in the growing Japanese poker community.

1. When and why did you start playing poker?

I started to play poker 5 years ago based on my friend's recommendation.

2. You are focusing your energy on live tournaments. How do you define your style at a poker table?

Basically, my playing style is TAG (Tight Aggressive), but I am adjusting my style to the tables and to the stack sizes.

3. What is your greatest memory as a poker player?

I have won 11 tournaments in the last 5 years, and all of those moments are good memories. But definitely winning the WPT Philippines is the best memory.

poker in japan

Tetsuya Tsuchikawa won last year the WPT National Phillippines

4. What are your goals as a player for the upcoming years?

I turned 50 years old this March. I can now play the senior event at WSOP. I wanna win this event. And, of course, I want to win another big title to show everyone that winning the WPT In Manila was not a fluke.

5. It seems that there is a growing interest in poker in Japan. Can you tell us a bit more about the local poker scene?

Yes, poker is growing in Japan. Sadly, we can't play for real money in Japan, but people are still having fun by playing in bars for example. The reason interest in poker is growing in Japan is that we have two ambassador members of the PokerStars team : pro, Naoya Kihara, and Kosei Ichinose. These guys represent a kind of dream for Japanese players, and they spread the love for the game throughout the country.

6. According to you, who is the most talented / impressive player on the Live Asian Poker Circuit?

Sam Razavi is one of greatest player I have ever played against (especially his reading skill). Jojo Tech (Philippines) and Raiden Kan (Hong kong) are also extremely good. I respect many others.

7. Money talk: What is your biggest win at a tournament? 

My biggest win was the WPT Philippines. 



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