Schedule Preview for 50th WSOP Released

Back in the days when the WSOP was half a dozen men sat around a table playing what was basically a sit & go, few could have foreseen what the series would grow to be fifty years later. The WSOP is now the most recognisable and prestigious series on earth, and its 50th anniversary this summer will be marked by yet another packed schedule. Some of the details of that schedule were released into the public domain just a few days ago, and we now have a partial idea of what to expect in the summer. Here’s what we know so far.

WSOP 50 article

Big 50

To mark the half-century point in the WSOP’s history, a new event has been added to the schedule. The Big 50 will command a $500 buy in, have 50-minute levels and a $5 million guaranteed prize pool. Players will begin with 50,000 chips and $1 million is guaranteed for the winner of the event. There is also an extra twist to the event, as the first entry of all players will be completely rake-free. This event will be one of the opening events of the series, beginning on May 30th and will permit players to re-enter on a subsequent starting day flight if they lose all their chips.

Other special June events

June 7th will see another event award $1 million to the player who lifts the bracelet. The Millionaire Maker has become a regular fixture on the WSOP schedule, with a $1,500 buy in fee and 60-minute levels. Expect a large field for this one, with each player starting off with 25,000 chips. The Monster Stack event will begin on June 21st and also costs $1,500 to enter. 50,000 chips and 60-minute levels should see a large field battling away for several days to determine a winner. The 28th of June sees another smaller buy in tournament with $888,888 guaranteed to the winner. The event is, of course the Crazy Eight’s event which has a buy in of $888.

Main Event

As ever, those looking to play the WSOP Main Event will have to stump up $10,000. The grandest tournament in the world will begin on July 3rd, consist of 2-hour blind levels and all players involved will start off with 60,000 chips. The guarantee for this event is yet to be set, but with a large field of 7,874 assembling at the Rio for the Main Event last year, this summer should see another healthy turnout.

May 30 Big 50

No-Limit Hold’em

$500 50,000 50 minutes 1/flight $5,000,000

$1m winner

May 31 $500 50,000 50 minutes 1/flight 11am
June 1 $500 50,000 50 minutes 1/flight 10am
June 2 $500 50,000 50 minutes 1/flight 10am
June 7 Millionaire Maker No-Limit Hold’em $1,500 25,000 60 minutes 1/flight $1 million to winner 10am
June 8 $1,500 25,000 60 minutes 1/flight 10am
June 13 Seniors No-Limit Hold’em (50+) $1,000 20,000 60 minutes 1 10am
June 14 Double Stack No-Limit Hold’em $1,000 40,000 60 minutes 1/flight 10am
June 15 $1,000 40,000 60 minutes 1/flight 10am
June 21 Monster Stack No-Limit Hold’em $1,500 50,000 60 minutes None 10am
June 22 $1,500 50,000 60 minutes None 10am
June 28 Crazy Eight’s No-Limit Hold’em $888 40,000 30 min Day 1

60 min Day 2

Unlimited $888,888 to winner 10am & 5pm
June 29 $888 40,000 30 min Day 1

60 min Day 2

Unlimited 10am
June 30 $888 40,000 30 min Day 1

60 min Day 2

Unlimited 10am
July 3 Main Event World Championship $10,000 60,000 2 hours None 12 noon
July 4 $10,000 60,000 2 hours None 12 noon
July 5 $10,000 60,000 2 hours None 12 noon

Article by Craig Bradshaw