Raided: Poker Galactica Live Tour in Rockets Poker Room India

The Indian poker community was left shocked on August 6th as a gang of over a dozen men burst into Poker Galactica Live Tour, relieving players of all their money and holding them hostage for 3 hours. Event occurred at Rockets Poker Room in Bangalore.

Bangalore (Photo Amol Gaitonde)

PokerGuru was the first to report on the incident that caused some players to lose their entire bankroll. The plain clothes worn by the gang, along with their actions gave the impression of an organised gang of thieves at work. But apparently, they were the local police in disguise. This was not the first time that the police attempted to disrupt a poker event in India. On this day, however, the target was Rockets Poker Room’s event with 100 players, out of the total field of 178, being victims of the raid. Although this poker event was entirely legal, the fact that players had to surrender their cash to the officers made the matter particularly alarming. This behaviour bordered criminality and was a sad reflection of the Indian police force and its treatment of poker players.

Speculations about the cause of the raid revolve around the violation of the 11pm curfew and the presence of drugs on some of the players. Nonetheless, the ramifications of this episode on the Indian poker community are significant, with the main concern being that players may stay away from live events in future.

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