PPPoker World Championship: Catching up with the side events

Now that the PPPoker World Championship  has concluded, it’s time to catch up on the side event action!

High Rollers: TRYGVE LEITE

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Buy-in – PHP 110,000
Entries – 37
Prize pool – PHP 3,589,000

Winning hand
Prior to winning, at heads up Trygve Leite doubled up with Kc10c, against Jung Seung Mook’s 8c7s on a board of 4c6h3s10hAs. Several hands later, he took the win with 6c6d unbeaten by QdJd on a final board of 5h7dKcAsKd. Leite earned PHP 1,255,000 for his triumph.

1st Trygve Leite – PHP 1,255,000
2nd Jung Seung Mook – PHP 790,000
3rd Aditya Sushant – PHP 537,000
4th Pete Yen Han Chen – PHP 395,000
5th Ugur Ozgur Secilmis – PHP 324,000
6th Le Ngoc Khanh – PHP 288,000

Bubble hand

During bubble time, Ugur “Ozgur” shoved his short stack, Orjan Skommo followed right behind him, Ugur 6s5s, Skommo AcKc, the board fell KhJs8s9d2s for a flush to Ugur. Crippled down to 30k, Skommo all in next hand with Kh9d, big blind Trygve Leite called with Js7c. The board ran 5cQsJhKc7h for two pair to Leite. Skommo bubbled.


IMG 7192

Buy-in – PHP 1,500
Entries – 60
Prize pool – PHP873,000

1st Kah Boon Teh – PHP242,200
2nd Georges Chehade – PHP152,700
3rd James Bonanno – PHP106,500
4th Edward Kim – PHP89,000
5th Rustam Sultanshin – PHP70,700
6th Pham Bao – PHP61,900
6th Luen Hei Kwok – PHP53,200
8th William Tjokroprawiro – PHP44,500
9th Jessie Supnet – PHP32,300


The Monster Stack event turned up a pumped up field of 84 runners with 9 of them re-buying for a total of 93 entries. At PHP 165,000 each, the prize pool grew to PHP 1,353,150 of which 15 players earned a cut. The event ran nearly 12 hours. Just before before dawn, the champion emerged. Lifting the trophy was Wanchana Valaikanok after besting Akshay Nasa at heads up.

1st Wanchana Valaikanok – PHP 384,250
2nd Akshay Nasa – PHP 223,200
3rd Sumit Sapra – PHP 135,300
4th Vamerdino Magsakay – PHP108,200
5th Robin Sanez Gorres – PHP 93,400
6th Martin Magpantay Barril – PHP 80,000
7th Hanna Khalife – PHP 66,300
8th Roozbeh Namvarsi – PHP 46,000
9th Sim Kok Wai – PHP36,500
10th Mary Jane Daypuyart – PHP 30,000
11th Sahil Agarwal – PHP 30,000
12th Seungmook Jung – PHP 30,000
13th Borge Dypvik – PHP 30,000
14th Michael Raul Colby – PHP 30,000
15th Orjan Skommo – PHP 30,000


The Big Bounty event (single re-buy) saw 94 entries, each one ponying up the PHP 22,000 buy-in. For every head scalped, a PHP 10K bounty was awarded. The prize pool (less the bounty pot) amounted to PHP 883,600 of which 15 players earned a share. Claiming the PHP 252,600 first place purse was Thijs Hilberts after his defeat of Martin Rottem Dahle at heads up.

1st Thijs Ardo Hilberts – PHP 252,600
2nd Martin Rottem Dahle – PHP 145,700
3rd Christopher Mato – PHP 88,300
4th Carmen LIng Xia Wern – PHP 70,600
5th Duy Manh Ho – PHP 60,900
6th Sim Kok Wai – PHP 52,100
7th Hyeon Junho – PHP 43,200
8th Ong Jingxiang – PHP 30,000
9th Moses Saquing – PHP 23,800
10th Osamu Horz – PHP 19,400
11th Tor Anton Myrvold Weld – PHP 19,400
12th Santos Zedrick Lopez – PHP 19,400
13th Jessie Supnet – PHP 19,400
14th Charles Esteban – PHP 19,400
15th Junnie Pamplona – PHP 19,400


IMG 4473
Mike Takayama

Mike Takayama is a beast! Having just made the final 6 cut of the Main Event, he joined the 6 Max NLH and proceeded to win it. Takayama overcame a field of 55 players and carried home the iconic PPPoker trophy plus the PHP 160,300 first prize.

After he knocked out Sumit Sapra in 3rd place, Takayama railroaded Christopher Mateo. The penultimate hand was a stone cold bluff. Takayama raised to 26k preflop, Mateo called. At the flop Js5h8s, Mateo check-called a 43k bet. On the 8c turn, Mateo check-called a 40k bet. Then on the 5s river, Mateo checked, Takayama jammed his huge stack, Mateo folded while showed 6h7d that missed. Takayama returned the gesture and showed 2c4c bluff.

The final hand Takayama all in with KcJs, Mateo with Qh4s, the board offered no hits for Mateo. The poker beast Takayama shipped it.

Prize pool: PHP 533,500 – Buyin: PHP 11,000 – Entries: 55
1st Mike Takayama – PHP 160,300
2nd Christopher Mateo – PHP 93,300
3rd Sumit Sapra – PHP 65,000
4th Dhanesh Chainani – PHP 54,400
5th Christian Lavores – PHP 43,200
6th Mats Bag – PHP 37,900
7th Ken Foo Hsien Loong – PHP 32,500
8th Matthias Schell – PHP 27,200
9th Junho Lee – PHP 19,700

Shot Clock Bounty Event: CHOI LOONG

Buy-in: PHP 13,200
Entries: 60
Prize pool: PHP 394,800
ITM: 10 places

1st Choi Loong – PHP 115,000
2nd Leonid Shersinev – PHP 67,100
3rd Kah Boon Teh – PHP 47,300
4th Czar Ian Marcos – PHP 39,400
5th William Tjokroprawiro – PHP 31,500
6th Nonyuki Kato – PHP 27,200
7th Mark Hebron – PHP 23,200
8th Andy Li Xueyan – PHP 19,700
9th Liu Keat – PHP 13,800
10th Yong Yan Chee – PHP 11,000


At the evening of the PPWC opening day, the Mixed Game stepped onto the floor. It drew 47 players plus six re-entries for a prize pool of PHP 411,280 (US$7,857). Only six players earned a cut with Daniel Smith claiming the biggest share of PHP 144,180 (US$2,754) for his victory. Smith became the first player to lift a trophy at the PPWC.

Prize pool: PHP 411,280 – Buyin: PHP 8,800 – Entries: 53

1st Daniel Smith – PHP 144,180
2nd Mats Rag – PHP 90,400
3rd Lee Junho – PHP 61,600
4th Allan Medina Daypuyart – PHP 45,200
5th Ruben Mar Ong Clamares – PHP 37,000
6th Oliver Matthew Helm – PHP 32,900


38 players signed up for the evening’s Pot Limit Omaha event on Saturday, February 16. The event ran well past the witching hour. The title was finally claimed by Jubrill Anthony So Su after defeating Jason Kyle Mendoza at heads up. He earned PHP 143,000 for his achievement.

Prize pool: PHP 446,200 – Buyin: PHP 11,000 – Entries: 38 – ITM: 8 places

1st Jubrill Anthony So Su – PHP 143,000
2nd Jason Kyle Mendoza – PHP 80,400
3rd Alvir Inocentes – PHP 55,700
4th Jose Lacsamana – PHP 46,800
5th Tan Chong Hwee – PHP 37,000
6th Ben Zenos Fernandez – PHP 32,500
7th Roy Arellano – PHP 27,600
8th Vijaykumar Chainani – PHP 23,200


The DeepStack Turbo pulled in a sizable field of 81 entries. With each buy-in at PHP 8,800, this churned up a PHP 690,640 prize pool of which 15 players earned a share. Closing it out was Filipino player Jessie Galang Supnet to claim the PHP 196,800 first prize and a PPWC trophy for his poker shelf.

Prize pool: PHP 690,640 – Buyin: PHP 8,800 – Entries: 81 – ITM 15 places

1st Jessie Galang Supnet – PHP 196,800
2nd Oliver Matthew Helm – PHP 114,000
3rd Lee Junho – PHP 69,940
4th Richard Nakila – PHP 55,200
5th Junnie Pamplona – PHP 47,6000
6th Grace Takayama – PHP 40,700
7th Alexis Lim -PHP 33,800
8th Gerbie Saguliti – PHP 23,400
9th Jericho Padilla – PHP 18,600
10th Sean Dunwoodie – PHP 15,100
11th Osamy Hori – PHP 15,100
12th Yong Jin Hwang – PHP 15,100
13th Eduardo Sinajon – PHP 15,100
14th Chen Wei Hsu – PHP 15,100
15th Mar Santos III – PHP 15,100

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