Pornhub Unveils New online Casino featuring strip poker

This week, curious news has come to light, detailing the plans of pornography site “Pornhub” to expand and move into the world of gambling. Founded in 2007, Pornhub is one of the largest adult websites on the internet, and attracts 20 million unique viewers per day. When we take a closer look at what they have in mind, it quickly becomes clear that this won’t bring about more stiff competition for online poker poker rooms, as Pornhub’s casino will focus their poker offerings on video poker and webcam strip poker, they won’t offer the same product as most major online poker rooms, and so won’t be direct rivals.

Strip Poker and Webcam poker

Strip poker via video link between customers, is the main selling point. Some of these tables will be for friends to enjoy on the site, but some will be open to the public. Whether there is an upper age limit or gender balancing on the public tables remains unclear – not everyone likes to look down at a pair of walking sticks when they want to get busy with a hand. Looking across the table to find nothing but the hardest of opposition in every seat may not be for everyone either.

Vice president Corey Price gave  to the, more details about the poker product: “It’s available in two options: public tables and friend’s tables,” Price said. “Our public tables are viewable by all players and anyone can join. Our friend’s table section includes those that only people in your friends list can access. “We use webcams so everyone can see each other and speak to one another as though you would in a real setting. So yes, people who play will be visible”.

Pornhub lobby

 Poker Lobby

Topless dealers

It is unknown whether players will receive a bonus for making a deposit, but if they like to spend all day staring at slots, this new website could be right up their alley. Reports suggest that topless female dealers and Porn stars will be used in table games, and presumably, Pornhub will have noticed the obvious money spinner of placing dominatrix dealers at the Blackjack tables. “Thirteen sir”….“Hit me”……“That’s twenty sir”…..“Mmm hit me”…..“Oooh naughty sir, you’ve busted already.” For those who prefer to see people crowded round a table, with balls in motion, and hear the whoops of joy as they attempt to clean up, the Roulette tables at Pornhub Casino should provide them with hours of fun.

Pornhub dealersOne of the selling points will be the dealers

On a serious note, there have been suggestions that regulators make take a close look at Pornhub Casino, as it blends pornography and gambling, It’s also surprising to see PornHub choosing to enter a gambling world but the demographic for both online areas is mostly male, which is perhaps why they’ve chosen to start pushing into this particular industry.

Whether Pornhub can carve out a new demographic who would never have considered gaming before or will try and earn current market share only time will tell. One thing is for sure though, its certainly a unique product and could well disrupt the current market with its identikit range of casino sites.

Article by Craig B

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