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PokerTime Review

  • Soft games with a vast majority of Chinese Players
  • Action across all stakes (NLH) including high stakes
  • iOS, Android And PC (Via Emulator)
  • Safe access to the games via Somuchpoker
  • Good Traffic
  • Instant Deposits/Withdrawals (Crypto/Fiat)

– About PokerTime –


PokerTime is a poker application like Poker Master and there are loads of games running from NL60 up to NL3k!. There are numerous tables running in case you’re hoping to play SOFT NLH small/mid AND Highstakes. PLO isn’t accessible.

With games on Poker Master in 2019 no longer interesting, and other Apps like No1Poker, Firepoker/Poker Community, Red Dragon rising up, PokerTime is a nice new addition to the Chinese Poker Apps.

Even though the app is in Chinese, it is still overall pretty simple and straightforward to use. However don’t hesitate to ask for our assistance to learn how to properly use and navigate it. Find below a few translations to help you out:

  • 德州 – Texas Hold’em
  • 微 – microlimits
  • 小 – low limits
  • 中 – middle limits
  • 大 – high limits

– Play on PokerTime with Somuchpoker –

Why play on PokerTime with Somuchpoker agent and how to access to the best clubs?

As of now we have access to the largest player pool on the application where there is action from small stakes all the way up to high stakes! (NL60 – NL3K)

At the point when other/various clubs will be shaped, we will effectively refresh our club contributions to guarantee access to the best games. Get in touch with us for details.

  What is the Rake System?

On PokerTime, tables are created with a time limit (from 1 to 2.5 hour). The rake is calculated at the end of the table session. There is No rake for losing sessions! Rake is 3-5% (3% for high-stakes, rest 5%) of the profits when leaving the tables. This is even better than most other Chinese Poker Apps, where 5% of rake is paid over winning sessions.


Another great feature on PokerTime is the instant deposit/withdrawal functions for both fiat and crypto currencies like BTC and ETH! On this app you can easily make a deposit yourself and withdraw funds from your account without having to make a deposit or withdrawal request from a third party.


Try PokerTime via a trusted agent.
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– Games –

  How to use the Software?

PokerTime offers games on Android/iOS just as Windows (by means of Emulator). The download/installer file is accessible for iOS and Android.

Please contact us to apply and register and we’ll give you to necessary files and information to get you started within minutes.

The app has a few customization options regarding the appearance of cards and game tables, and you can configure buttons for quick bets.

What Games of Poker are available?

Texas Hold’Em, is available to play, starting at NL60 and runs up to NL3k! Likewise with other Chinese apps, games are very soft compared to international standards. Action may vary depending on games/stakes. There is A LOT of NLH traffic across all stakes!

The peak time for the game corresponds to the Chinese evening. As a European, you will see the most trafic during the afternoon, and in the early morning for Americans.

Tables Lobby PokerTime

  How to join and play on PokerTime?

Please contact us and and we will help to get you started in no time!

Contact Somuchpoker to Get Started !

– Payments –

  How to make a Deposit?

Our agents accept deposits through Skrill, Neteller, Pokerstars as well as Bitcoin.

  How to make a Withdrawal?

Cashouts are also made through SkrillNetellerPokerstars or Bitcoin with a small commission.

– Conclusion –


 Private Poker Games up to Hi-Stakes
 No Rake for Losing session
 Soft Games
  Instant Deposits/Wihtdrawals by BTC and various other cryptocurrencies as well as fiat.
  Only 3-5% rake paid over winning sessions! No rake paid over losing or breakeven sessions.


  Only available on PC via Emulator

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