Poker King Club Manila is now open

May 9th saw the Poker King Club celebrating the grand opening of it’s new poker room at the Solaire Resort & Casino, which is located in Manila. High stakes action up to Php 2000/4000/8000 ($45/90/180) has been under way there, and the Poker King Club was happy to welcome players such as Alvin Chau, Richard Yong, Peter Chan, and Stanley Choi. The junket operator SunCity Group, who own Poker King Club also hosted a party for the opening of their casino VIP rooms.

Poker King Club’s CEO Mr. Winfred Yu said “We are proud to bring our World-Class poker room and expertise to Solaire and our goal is to deliver a high-quality and luxurious experience to poker players in Asia. We believe that there is enormous growth potential for poker in Asia, and the Philippines is a great example of a country that has embraced the sport, intellect, entertainment, and immense challenge that poker provides. This is the very first time Poker King Club is reaching out to the world, and this is just the beginning. Looking forward, we are eyeing the potential of geographical expansion in Vietnam, Korea, and the world’s other popular destinations.

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May 9th saw the Poker King Club Manila opening 

How will Poker King Club fit in with the Manila poker scene? 

Highstakes Cash Games:

SunCity is now running VIP rooms in the casino, and the hope is that many of these table game players will help Poker King Club to run big poker games on a frequent basis. There is no doubt that Poker King Club have the contacts and the knowledge when it comes to putting together cash games at the highest stakes. Unfortunately for players, rumour has it that the first big games that have been hosted here so far, have been semi-private games, much the same as the Macau games used to be. 

Small and Middle stakes Cash Games:

At lower and middle stakes the situation is very different though, with great games running in several venues in Manila. I’ts fair to say that’s it’s going to be hard for Poker King Club to compete with the exciting rooms on these stakes. Mike Kim has taken most of the former Solaire regulars with him to Pokerstars Live Manila. Games in the PokerStars room have finally taken off with games up to PhP 500-PhP1000. Up to 8 tables are running on a nightly basis, including Omaha games. Metro Card Club is still extremely popular among low stakes players with plenty of action starting Php10/20 up to PhP 50/100


No anouncement has been made yet by Poker King Club Manila regarding tournaments. It’s still unknown if the World Poker Tour event planned for this summer will take place. Meanwhile, the Asian Poker Tour will host the “Poker Weekend Series” from June 5th to the 9th in their new poker room in the Waterfront Manila Pavilion Hotel and Casino. Few weeks later, PokerStars Live Macau will host the APPT Manila which will feature 14 championship events ranging from PhP2,000 to a High Roller of PhP200,000. The Main event will be PhP50,000.

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