Poker Dream 7 Vietnam: Chiu Chun Wai wins it all at the Mystery Big Hunter

2 Mystery Big Hunter Champion
Chiu Chun Wai – Photo by Poker Dream

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Another big winner early at Poker Dream 7 Vietnam with Hong Kong’s Chiu Chun Wai crushing the Mystery Big Hunter for a payout of ₫684,700,000 (~US$ 28,170). At heads up against Dong Quang Trung, Chiu got lucky on his second shove and eventually closed it out for his maiden live title.

You can relive the final table action via the livestream on the Poker Dream facebook page.

Date: September 30 to October 1, 2023
Buy in: VN 5,000,000 (~USD 216) and VN 10,000,000 (~USD 431)
Guaranteed: VN 3,000,000,000 (~USD 123,432)
Total entries: 366
Prize pool: VN 3,000,000,000 (~USD 123,432)
ITM: 41 players

Place Player Flag Bounty in VN₫
Total Payout in VN₫
1 Chiu Chun Wai Hong Kong 440,000,000 684,700,000
2 Dong Quang Trung Vietnam 60,000,000 260,000,000
3 Pham Duy Tien Vietnam 60,000,000 260,000,000
4 Konechnyi Ivan Russia 100,000,000 217,300,000
5 Le Tuan Phong Vietnam 40,000,000 131,900,000
6 Ng Shun Hong Singapore 60,000,000 129,500,000
7 Tech John Zendrick Philippines 60,000,000 110,900,000
8 Ho Duy Manh USA 330,000,000 367,200,000
9 Lau Wang Hin Edmund China 30,800,000

Full payouts – Poker Dream 7 Vietnam Festival Results

Day 1 of the Mystery Big Hunter

Dong Quang Trung

A total of 366 entered the Mystery Big Hunter over three flights with 41 players advancing led by Dong Quang Trung who topped Flight B. One of Dong’s wins was with 10c10d eliminating Pham Bao Ad9c on a board As3d7dKc10s. Other big stacks of that flight were Hoang Hai Nam and Chiu Chun Wai both carrying the second largest and fourth largest stack into Day 2.

Huynh Ngoc Cuong
Duy Ho delivers the bubble at Flight C

Over at Flight A, Huynh Ngoc Cuong delivered the bubble with Jh9s out drawing Phi Tien Sang‘s Qd10c on a board Kc9c3cAh5s to end as flight leader. And at Flight C, USA’s Duy Ho charged up the ranks with numerous takedowns that included Phong Ngo Linh AdQh dusted by AcAs. To end the day, Ho eliminated Niwo Ichiyo on the bubble with 7d7h dominating 6h6d to bag up the flight’s largest stack.

Top 5 entering Day 2

Dong Quang Trung Vietnam 528,000
Hoang Hai Nam Vietnam 482,000
Huynh Ngoc Cuong Vietnam 466,000
Chiu Chun Wai Hong Kong 448,000
Ho Duy Manh USA 437,000

Day 2 recap


On Day 2, the 41 returning players were all guaranteed a piece of the VN 3,000,000,000 (~US$ 123,432) prize pool however, they were all hoping for the lucky VN₫ 300,000,000 (~US$ 12,340) biggest mystery bounty prize. By the time the final table was reached, the coveted bounty prize had yet to be found. Leading the race was  Duy Ho trailed closely by Pham Duy Tien and Ivan Konechnyi.

You can relive the final table race to victory via the livestream on the Poker Dream facebook page.


Shortly after the elimination of Edmund Lau in 9th place, Chiu Chun Wai soared to the top on a double up through Duy Ho on a flip with AcKd spiking the Ace on the turn to dust JhJc. Chiu’s time up top was short with Ivan Konechnyi and Le Tuan Phong, and Pham Duy Tien earning their turn.

By four handed, Pham was well in command after eliminating Le with Ks10c over Kh9h. Dong Quang Trung cleaned out ailing Konechnyi with 3d3h set against Qd10h then grinded to chip leader. Dong went on to eliminate Pham in 3rd place with Ad5d flush beating 3s3h on a board Jd4s6d7s10d.

Chiu Chun Wai and Dong Quang Trung

Heads up kicked off with Dong ahead 59 bb to Chiu’s 20 bb. Dong dominated the action until a bad beat evened them up to 25 bb each. Chiu Ad2s, Dong AhQh, the board was 9d2c9sJh3c. Dong went back to grinding and chipped up 35 bb to 16 bb until another lost shove sent his stack plunging. Dong’s shove with Qc9d lost to Chiu’s JhJd. Two hands later, the final hand was tabled. Dong shoved with Jh9h, Chiu shipped it with Jd10c on a board 6sQc8c2d4h.

Biggest Bounty winner

chiudraws 1

With a few bounty tokens to claim, Chiu drew the fiercely hunted VN₫ 300 Million (~US$ 12,340) along with a VN₫ 100 Million and two VN₫ 20 Million. In addition to lifting the trophy, he won the most bounties totaling VN₫ 440,000,000 (~US$ 18,100).

Also needing acknowledgment is Duy Ho who finished in 8th place but due to the VN₫ 330 Million in bounties he collected, Ho walked away with VN₫ 367,200,000 (~US$ 15,100) making him the second largest earner.

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