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In the current climate, it has been difficult to organise gatherings, poker games and group poker coachings in person and it has been more and more important to find online substitutes. There are many places where you can play poker online, but for coaching together with other players there are no real options other than Poker Castle.

When it comes to poker coaching and poker study groups, the web-based poker coaching platform Poker Castle is a great alternative to the in-person experience. It is an interactive poker training tool for groups of players. Players sign up for a session on Poker Castle and connect via audio and maybe even video through a third-party platform such as Zoom, Skype or Discord. This way the coach can give real-time feedback on actions during and after the played hands and the players can also interact while they are playing against each other.

play mode
Play Mode

During play on the platform, a moderator can see all the players’ cards face up. The moderator can be a professional coach or one of the people in the training group. After each played hand there is a replay phase in which the hand can be analysed step by step. During this phase all players can see the cards face up and the moderator clicks through each action that has just occurred.

Positive feedback can be given secretly with a “thumbs up” to the players during play and the moderator can also take notes on the players. These notes are saved not just for the current session, but also for future coachings and they can be very helpful to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the poker students.

replay mode
Replay Mode

The moderator can either decide to play random hands that are created by the system or create custom hands manually. These can be made up hands or actual situations from real live or online games. This can be very helpful when the focus of a coaching session is on a specific scenario (e.g. 3-betting, Button vs. Big Blind etc) or when the moderator wants the players to practice complex edge cases. As blinds and antes can be added to the set-up, cash game and tournament hands can be played and created.

custom hand popup
Custom Hand Created

Poker Castle offers many helpful features. For example, there is a range chart available to be displayed for the whole group and ranges can be constructed and discussed together during the coaching session.

table 1
Ranges Chart Mode

The platform can not only be used in private coaching sessions, but also for group coaching sessions for Twitch streamers, for example. Streamers can enter the “Stream Mode” for this where cards are not displayed face up and the game can be streamed live for everyone to see.

The German Match Poker team has successfully used Poker Castle to train for the Match Poker Nations Cup 2021. They are still in the run to win the event.

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