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Poker Bonus Code FAQ

What is a First Deposit Bonus?

This is a tricky one. Very often, new players are lured into depositing larger sums of money then they would usually do, with the promise to double or even triple their deposit. However, the First Deposit Bonuses are not instant. You need to “unlock” your bonus, meaning playing lots of hands, and thus, raking.

First Deposit Bonus are more like an additionnal Rakeback program, which is not to be underestimated, but make sure to read the conditions and terms beforehand. Some website will need you to play into stakes you are not familiar with for you to get your Bonus. Also, these offers have an expiry date, ranging from 1 to 3 months to fully unlock your Bonus.

What about “Instant Bonus”?

Instant Bonus, on the other hand, give you immediately access to cash that can you play with. Sums advertised are significantly lower than the ones offered for “First Deposit Bonus”. They range more around $5 to $20. Sometimes, these Instant Bonus don’t even need you to deposit anything.

However, as for Deposit Bonuses, there is a “but”.

Terms and conditions of Instant Bonus varies, but in one case or another, don’t expect to sign-up, get your money and cash it out. To be able to withdraw money from an account that benefited from an “Instant Bonus”, once again, you’re likely to be asked to play a certain number of hands or rake a certain amount of money. This ensures that the Poker Platform does not lose money.

As a result, Instant Deposit Bonus are not always your best choice, as it can “lock” your funds. However, Instant Bonus are a great way for grinders to start with a bigger bankroll and make their way up !

What are “Refer a Friend” Programs?

Basically, they are a happy way for you to invite friends to play on the same online poker rooms as you. Many different “Refer a Friend” programs exist. A good one gives an incentive to both the “referrer” AND the “refered”. Those incentives can be in the form of Cash, VIP points or Status, tournament tickets, and can also be based on the new player’s deposit or even winnings.

What is Rakeback?

When playing poker in an Casino, you pay a fee to the establishment. Same goes for Online Poker Website, and that is how they stay in business. For example, they might take anywhere from 4 to 10% on each hand played or tournament buy-in.

Then, to give an incentive to players who beat the odds and play a lot, some website offer to “refund” a part of these fees. The higher your limits and the more games you play, the more you can pretend to a good share of your rake. Websites can offer anywhere from 0 to 100% of your rake back. Then again, don’t be tricked by the high numbers seen on the ads. Most of the time, you will not reach them. That is why you need to study your poker habits and limits and calculate the rake you’ll get from an online poker brand.

You can have a somewhat stable bankroll and still win money thanks to your Rakeback program. It is a very important component of your bankroll management.

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What is a poker loyalty program?

Also called “VIP Program”, a poker loyalty program is a way for poker sites to reward their customers. In return for the rake they pay and their commitment to the site, poker players usually receive rewards often come in the form of cash, entries into online tournaments, package for live events, or a variety of other things.

Where to find Poker Bonus Codes ?

You can have access to tons of Poker Bonus Codes in Somuchpoker online poker rooms reviews section. For each review, and if appliable, you shall find a Bonus Code to enter upon your registration.

Our Poker Bonus Codes will give you access to exclusive rakebacks or sign-up bonus.

The other Poker Bonus Codes that you can find on Somuchpoker are Codes that grant you access to exclusive Freerolls. More information here.

What is the difference between First Deposit Bonus and Reload Bonus ?

The First Deposit Bonus: This offer is one of the most widespread there is on online Poker websites. It is applied a one and only time, when you make the first deposit on your account, that is why you need to think about the amount you’ll put in.

The Reload Deposit Bonus: This one is rarer, and can be offered on special occasions by a Poker room. It can be a way for them to retain a poker player who has lost his whole bankroll. In this case, the poker room, will give a bonus to the player if he choses to make a new deposit on his account. The Reload Bonus can also be a reward for good customers.

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