partypoker creates Team Online and signs Jeff Gross and Matt Staples

team online na herne party poker se neustale rozrusta.

The team at partypoker is comprised of a few different groups of players, each with different roles.

The Player Panel includes several top pros, including Ike Haxton, Fedor Holz, Sam Trickett, Jason Koon, Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov and Mike Sexton. Those who are part of the Player Panel act as a conduit between partypoker and the poker playing community, as well as having a say in policy and decision making.

partypoker has also a group of ambassadors and sponsored pros. These include, Ludovic Geilich, Roberto Romanello, Kristen Bicknell and retired boxer Carl Froch. These players represent partypoker at the tables and help bring more publicity and positive exposure for the brand.

In addition to these two groups, partypoker has just announced the creation of Team Online to ‘comprise a collection of some of the world’s most high-profile online poker content creators and streamers.’

New ‘Team Online’ launched

The new “Team Online”, which has just been launched primarily includes players who already have an online presence, with those who stream regularly on Twitch being given priority for being added to the team.  Matt Staples, Jeff Gross, Courtney Gee,  and Alan ‘Hotted’ Widmann are just four of the ten players who have been unveiled so far. With the names being released one at a time, we may yet see more players added to the Team Online in the coming days.

The expansion of partypoker’s teams of affiliated and sponsored players is the latest step in its efforts to become the most recognisable poker room in the world and should help boost the brand while also helping to bring in new players via Twitch.

The new players

Jeff Gross

The most recognisable name to be added to Team Online is Jeff Gross. With around $1.4 million in online cashes and $3.2 million live, Jeff Gross has proven pedigree in both sides of the poker world and has 55,000 Twitch followers.

MAtt staples

The Canadian player is a mid & high stakes MTT regular. He began playing poker at 18 and streaming at 19. Matt Staples’ audience grew in part because of the exposure gained throughout a weigh prop bet with Bill Perkins. He has currently 55,000 followers on Twitch.


Hristivoje Pavlovic is an Australian MTT specialist who worked his way up from the micro stakes to the high-stakes tournament tables. His hard work can be seen on Twitch where, most days he can be found streaming long sessions of multi tabling action.

Travis Darroch

Travis Darroch is a Canadian player who began playing and streaming on Twitch as a hobby, before slowly rising through the ranks. His Twitch following and total cashes have risen dramatically in the years since and he has become a very accomplished mid stakes MTT player.

PAtrick Tardif

Patrick Tardif began by playing $4 tournaments, rising to $25,000 buy ins within two years. His likeable personality and determination to keep improving has seen him become an established professional player and Twitch streamer.

Alan Widmann

Alan Widmann began with online gaming before transitioning into online poker. He worked his way up through the MTT ranks to become a formidable force, even being tutored by his friend Viktor Blom along the way. He has 250,000 followers on Twitch.

Ryan Shoonbaert

Ryan Schoonbaert has developed a strong Twitch following and offers great hand analysis to his viewers across a vast number of different poker variants. His ability, and versatility make him a great addition to Team Online.

Courtney Gee

Canadian player Courtney Gee has a passion for poker which shines in each of her Twitch streams. She has developed a strong following after streaming for four years and specialises in heads-up sit & gos.

Steven Kok

The Dutchman is relative latecomer to the game. He developed an interest in poker through the streaming platform Twitch, a platform where he has now over 11,000 followers.

Monika Zukowicz

Former pharmaceutical student Monkia Zukowicz has built up a strong Twitch following since she started streaming, providing entertaining content and hours of great poker at the cash tables. She will be an extremely popular member of partypoker’s new Team Online.

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