Our 10 favorite poker graphs

Sharkscope is a website monitoring online tournaments results for years.

We digged into their database and found players with an “interesting” poker story.

Here are our Top 10 Favorite Poker Graphs:

1: What to do after finishing runner up of a Sunday Million Tournament for more than $100.000?

[ ] Cashout and buy a house or new sport car
[X] Play $5000 Sit And Go HU against the best players of the world until everything lost



2: “I was good until I let my sister play with my poker account”


3: Never give up

Losing $200.000 during your first 5.000 Tournaments doesn’t mean that you are a losing player


4: Please master teach us !

40 000 games – $1.7 million profit – Poker is easy.


5: Online poker is not complicated

It’s just about clicking on the right buttons at the right time !


6: “I promise you, if I lose 1 million dollars I will stop online poker”


7: The key to success at online poker :

[X] Play 23 tournaments as warm up
[X] Win $330.000 at your 24th



8: Wrong start

It cost me $22.000 to figure out what was wrong.


9: “I was good at poker until…”

I played successfully 250 000 games and then I lost it.


10: I am playing well…  until I lose control.

It looks like a small tilt problem.


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Louis Hartwell

Graduated in Media Communication at the University of Lausanne, Louis Hartman is a co-founder of He began his career in Cambodia as freelance journalist. In same time he was making his living by playing poker every night at that time. Intense learner, he read dozens of poker strategy books to improve his skills during many years. With a strong interest about poker "behind the scene" in Asia and his communication skills, Louis launched Somuchpoker in 2014.

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