Off Topic: Mixed week for poker players in flight

United Airlines Victim David Dao has over $250,000 in live poker earnings

The United Airlines story has been filling the headlines this week as a doctor was ejected from the plane, despite having already paid his buy in and taken his seat. It later transpired that the man in question was a keen poker player with $250,000 in live cashes, and displayed serious calling station tendencies, persistently refusing to fold in the face of aggression.


In what was undoubtedly the most violent removal of a poker player from a seat since Johnny Chan teed up Erik Seidel‘s river bluff in the 1988 Main Event, Doctor Dao was beaten and dragged screaming from his chair in front of horrified passengers. He appeared to be a Hellmuth fan, screaming and clinging on to his seat like the 14-time bracelet winner at a WSOP event, and had to be dragged out by security before his tournament had even got off the ground.

Dao clearly had a brutal hand or two thrown his way during proceedings, suffering what appeared to be the worst beat of his career. Little is known of the final confrontation, only that the crowd was shouting for a couple of ducks, but Dao ended up with just a pair walking sticks.

Reports suggesting that witnesses saw Dao bloodied and rocking back and forth chanting “I want to rebuy, I want to rebuy” remain unconfirmed.

Guillaume Diaz Takes Winamax High Roller While Airborne

The exploits of Guillaume Diaz this week have given new meaning to the term ‘high stakes’ as he took down the Winamax 1,000 Euro High Roller for 73,188 Euros while flying over Kazhakstan. In an unusual situation, Diaz was joined by Romain Lewis on the flight with both players playing in the same event. It was perhaps the first time that both the cards and the players were in the air.

In what was a mixed week for poker players in the sky, he landed the big win during what was perhaps the best airline flight enjoyed by anyone that week. It certainly couldn’t have been the worst, anyway.

It is unknown whether Diaz found time to call Dao and advise him to stick to playing American Airlines, but he clearly knows how to have an enjoyable flight, even if Dao may have made more money during his.

Article by Craig Bradshaw