Off Topic – Busquet batters Alvarado, Brunson keeps beating cancer, and Hansen retires to his homeland

 MMA: Busquet versus Alvarado

In a bout which had been hotly anticipated since terms were agreed six months ago, Olivier Busquet took on JC Alvarado in a mixed martial arts fight this week. Alvarado‘s three years of Jiu Jitsu made him the bookies favourite, but Busquet sprang quite a surprise with his strength and groundwork, making it difficult for Alvarado to make his experience count. While Alvarado may have threaded his way through the crowd in style as the fighters entered the ring, It wasn’t the last time that he was involved in threading that night – as the doctors would undoubtedly have threaded a needle later on before attempting to stitch up the damage to his face. Alvarado clearly had the more refined technique, and a seemingly sensible strategy to keep Busquet at bay with kicks to the legs. Busquet began to counter these kicks with punches and takedowns however, and with his weight advantage, managed to brawl his way to victory. The excellence of Busquet’s groundwork made the difference, and with the amount of time Alvarado spent on his back during the fight, he might have preferred the match to have taken place in the Sistine Chapel – at least then he could have used the time to appreciate some fine art. He did manage to paint a picture of his own however, which was a beautiful crimson self portrait on canvas. Despite the superior skill of JC Alvarado, Busquet won the match, and the $270,000 wager between the fighters.

Brunson sends cancer packing again

This week, Doyle Brunson has been busy crushing Squamous Carcinoma in a lengthy heads up match. Brunson suggested that Squamous had been getting in his face and that after several hours of battling, the irritating opponent had now been removed. Before you look go and look up the appropriate graphs, I should explain that Squamous Carcinoma is the technical term for Brunson‘s latest cancerous growth, not the screen name of some internet kid trying to claim the scalp of this much loved poker legend. In fact, Brunson is no stranger to cancer trying to claim his scalp – having had a cancerous growth surgically removed from the top of his head just over a year ago. This is the sixth cancer that Brunson has brushed cancer aside, much to the relief of the poker world, and all those close to him.


Doyle Brunson

Hansen homeward bound

Danish poker pro Gus Hansen has been in the headlines this week, after declaring that he has now returned to Denmark “For good.” He made the statement during an appearance on a morning television show, in which he took his clothes off and gave them to charity. Suggestions are that he aims to raise a family, sparking hopes that the nosebleed stakes will explode back into life twenty years from now – but unfortunately, Hansen didn’t clarify whether he would teach his children poker or not. The announcement by Hansen is unsurprising, as he has not been seen playing online for almost a year. If this is the last the poker world hears of Hansen, then we should all take a moment to applaud his illustrious career and great contribution to the game. The Danish pro is probably the most recognisable figure in Danish poker, and has had around $10 million in live tournament cashes. By his own admission he suffers with huge tilt issues though, and in the online nosebleed stakes, such lack of self control can be costly. We know that Hansen dropped $22 million while playing the best in the world online, but at least he didn’t give up easily.

Article by Craig B.

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