Negreanu’s Political Posts Firing Up Social Media

The fact that Daniel Negreanu has been speaking his mind this week is not exactly what you would call newsworthy, in fact it’s a certainty on any given day. But his opinions on this particular argument are getting increasingly heated, involving verbal punches and personal jibes along the way. Talking politics is always a sure way to start an argument, and Negreanu has been setting Twitter ablaze in recent weeks with his anti Trump rhetoric.

Twitter storm

As of this year, Daniel Negreanu is eligible to vote in the U.S elections. There is little doubt about which way his vote is going though, as his Twitter account has been churning out anti Trump tweets for weeks. His descriptions of Trump have ranged from an “awful human being” to a “thin skinned sociopath”. He has clashed with Republican supporter Doyle Brunson, along with Matt Glantz and Mike Matusow, along with thousands of his own Twitter followers.

Personal attack on Matusow

Although it is clear that Negreanu is very passionate about his political beliefs, many in the poker world felt that he seriously overstepped the mark in personally attacking Mike Matusow over his struggles with drug problems through the years. After a comment from Matusow towards Erik Seidel, Negreanu jumped in with the tweet “says the guy who has a fried brain from years of drug use and still on buckets of pills”.

His tweet was immediately met with numerous comments suggesting his words were below the belt and uncalled for. With the two poker players normally considered friends, this latest tweet was particularly surprising and out of character from an ambassador of poker. No apology followed however, and Matusow didn’t offer a reply.

Doug Polk vs Daniel Negreanu


Doug Polk has aired the latest episode of his aptly named show “Polkernews” in which he covers a few of the issues currently circulating within the poker world. His latest report talks about the suggestion made by Daniel Negreanu during the unpopular changes made by PokerStars that, “mind blowing promotions” were scheduled for 2016. As Polk points out at great length, you would be hard pressed to describe the promotions offered so far this year in those terms. In fairness, we do still have almost half the year to go.

Tom Dwan sighted

Sightings of the former online superstar turned live cash game grinder have been scarce in the last year or two, although he did make an appearance at the Triton Super High Roller event in Manila, which was covered by Somuchpoker earlier this year. His disappearance has of course led to a number of fanciful theories on social media as to where he might be, theories which were suddenly stoked up again by this reported sighting of Dwan in Las Vegas. Photographic evidence was provided that Dwan was still alive and well, although no details were given about the purpose of his trip.

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