Nagaland becomes the first Indian state to regularize the online games of skill such as poker, fantasy sports, and rummy

While the recent ruling in the state of Nagaland in India does not represent a seismic shift in poker opinions on a national level, it certainly shows promise. What the bill means Earlier this month, the 2.2 million people of Nagaland were given a legal nod of approval to participate in what are now considered online games of skill. This includes poker, fantasy sports, and rummy, which have all been made legal in the state by the passing of the Nagaland prohibition of gambling and promotion of online games of skill bill, this month. The new laws won't officially come into effect until the Governor of the state has signed the necessary documents, but it will be an important moment for poker in India when it comes. Wagering on skill games is an increasingly popular pastime in India, and Nagaland will soon be licensing and regulating operators so that they can legally do business in the state. Importantly, this bill legitimises games of skill for real money, such as poker, but prohibits games of pure chance such as Teen-Patti and casino games.


Kohima City, Nagaland (Photo Sharada Prasad CS)

Bill provides serious boost to already thriving Indian poker industry

Vaibhav Gaggar who is Managing Partner of law firm, viz; M/s. Gaggar& Associates, Solicitors & Attorneys, had the following statement in an interview with  “This Bill being the first of its kind in India and perhaps even globally should give a huge impetus to the Industry in India. Most importantly, this Bill should help the Poker Industry come out of the shadows and boldly claim its place in the gaming industry in India. According to me, the Poker Industry in India is still at the tip of the ice berg and this should help the Industry do a multiple level jump as compared to where they find themselves currently. As I see the Indian market is poised for an explosive growth, almost similar to where the industry was in Europe around the late 90’s early 2000. This Bill could fuel the next revolution”

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