Luckboxes: Pilot Episode of Online Poker Comedy Series Hits Screens

While there have been one or two tame attempts to put online poker on our TV screens in the form of movies in recent years, “Luckboxes” is taking an altogether different approach to televising poker as an entertaining work of fiction. Instead of presenting poker as cool, dangerous and laughably unrealistic, it simply takes the online poker world and uses it as a backdrop for a comedy show.

The plot centres around two brothers who shift furniture for low wages and come into contact with a group of professional players at a nearby mansion. The story is set in 2009, during the golden years of online poker, and of course before Black Friday hit. We are yet to hear any more about which direction the plot line will take, but the concept itself certainly seems interesting and unique.

If this pilot is well received there could be a comedy series based around online poker being available either online or via cable TV before too long.

The latest from BET RAISE FOLD’s Ryan Firpo

Creator Ryan Firpo isn’t simply jumping into this unusual idea without any prior poker experience, as he was also the creator of a documentary about online poker called “BET RAISE FOLD”. While documentaries and comedies are poles apart, his experience will no doubt help him provide a good poker based framework around the show. He also takes on the roles of writer, director, producer and editor.

Despite Firpo taking on almost all of the key roles in bringing this pilot to light, he is not working entirely alone. Eli Shapiro is listed as co-writer, and famous poker streamer Jason Somerville is also listed as an executive producer.

Article by Craig Bradshaw