Korea’s In Chul Sin wins the APT Philippines III 2016 Main Event

The APT Philippines III 2016 crowned its latest Main Event champion, Korea’s In Chul Sin. Sin overcame a field of 186 players to capture his first-ever APT championship title and the US$67,660 first place cash prize.

Korea’s In Chul Sin (Photo APT)

The Final 8 was filled with an international lineup, two of whom were decorated with impressive live career earnings, Norway’s Markus Garberg and Singapore’s Feng Zhao. Both of these players entered the Final 8 as the top two chip leaders and were favored to win it given their experience.

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The day began with two short stacks, Japanese players Shunsuke Tsuji and Rajesh Jiandoni, unable to get anything going, thus were eliminated from the field. Sin finished off USA’s Tristan Yumul in 6th place then denied Zhao a second APT Main Event title by ousting him in 5th place. Of course it helped that Zhao was all in when Sin was dealt pocket aces. Garberg bit the dust next, falling in 4th place to eventual runner-up Malaysia’s Jin Yong who ironically, also held pocket aces.

With the pros out of the table, both Sin and Yong held a big lead against South Africa’s Edward Pastoll. Sin shut the door on Pastoll in 3rd place with a flush over a straight to amass a dominating chip lead coming into the heads up round.

Heads Up Round

But like Sin, Yong was also geared up. Yong was the reason Zhao and Garberg had difficulty setting an upward pace. Yong usurped Garberg as the chip leader early in the day but dropped down when Sin called out his bluff and won a massive pot. The final round saw Yong claim a couple of small pots but Sin was destined for victory. Sin won the Main Event with a lucky backdoor flush against Yong’s pocket queens.

Winners (Photo APT)

Final 8 Payouts

1st In Chul Sin – Korea – USD 67,660
2nd Jin Yong – Malaysia – USD 38,970
3rd Edward Pastoll – South Africa – USD 26,520
4th Markus Garberg – Norway – USD 18,940
5th Feng Zhao – Singapore – USD 15,430
6th Tristan Yumul – USA – USD 12,450
7th Rajesh Jiandoni – Japan – USD 10,010
8th Shunsuke Tsuji – Japan – USD 8,120

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