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  • Access to a variety of games
  • One of the largest US online Poker Rooms
  • Great VIP Rakeback Deals
  • Deposit and Withdraw
  • Play via a trusted agent:  Somuchpoker
  • PC, MAC and Mobile



Do you like a variety of games (incl NLH, PLO, STUD, DRAW, MIXED, OFC)? Are you interested in soft games up to hi-stakes? Then KINGSCLUBPOKER may be a very good option!

KINGSCLUBPOKER is part of the Underground Poker Network and among the largest online poker rooms in the US. There has been a lot of interest to play on this network, even from players like Joey Ingram and Dan Bilzarian!

The Games on KINGSCLUBPOKER run in USD

We are able to give you access via our test account to check the games and can make your account ready in minutes!

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 Why Trust Somuchpoker Agents to Play on KINGSCLUBPOKER? is a company Founded in 2014 by poker players and is currently the 1st source of information about live as well as online poker in the Asia-Pacific Area. We only work with trusted networks/apps. We help you to find the right place to play, offer VIP Club Loyalty Programs, Rakeback-Deals and General Support to assist you to buy and sell chips!

 Can I get Rakeback? 

YES! Rakeback available for KINGSCLUBPOKER via Somuchpoker! We offer the most Competitive Rakeback Deals in the industry!

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– Games –

  How good is the KINGSCLUBPOKER software?

KINGSCLUBPOKER is played via Web browser. While this may discourage you, the site does offers a decent stability to have your games run smooth and well!
For best results, use a modern updated device and browser. Google Chrome tends to do best.

KingsClubPoker Login

  • 2-Factor Authentication

The client login page has another optional Auth Code field. 2-factor can be empowered inside the client desktop cashier. This will introduce a QR code that can be examined by the Google Auth application running on a mobile phone. Enter the subsequent code to enact 2-factor confirmation. Disabling 2-factor requires reaching support.

Cards Check Kingsclub

  • Cards Check

After logging in you will be re-directed to the Cards Check window. You are ready to play when all cards are visible. In the event if one (or more) cards missing as in the the above example, please restart the web-client.

  • Disconnections

If you disconnect during a hand:

Desktop version: use the “reconnect” option in the lobby menu, found by clicking the 3 bars to the right of the flag.

Mobile version: reconnect option is in the lower right ‘more’ option on the game screen.

  • Multi-Tabling

Via the web-browser on PC / Mac, multi-tabling is possible. It supports up to 4 pop-up windows that can be moved and placed in position the way you prefer. Mobile users can now also play 3 tables by using the back button to go back to lobby get seated and swipe to see other tables.

For improved mobile user please use the add to home screen feature for best results.


  What Games of Poker can we play on KINGCLUBPOKER?

You will find a variety of games (incl NLH, PLO, STUD, DRAW, MIXED, SIXplus, OFC)!  This Poker Network is well-known for offering access to all kinds of soft games up to HI-STAKES! If you wish to see the games and play? Please contact us for expert guidance on how to do this!

Limit 2 7Razz Kingsclub

NEW GAMES: Short Deck NLH Ante only, CAP games, Double Board Omaha, Dramaha, 2-7 Dramaha and Short Deck PLO ante only CAP.

Limit 2 7Razz Kingsclub

Limit HEM Hi Stakes KingsClubPoker

Limit Omaha Hi Lo 5Card Kingsclubpoker

NLH KingsClubPoker

OFC Progressive KingsClubPoker 1

PineApple KingsClubPoker

Best time to play on this Network are US evenings / nights. You will find action 24/7 on certain game formats. For best results please contact us to for access to our test-account to scout the games yourself!

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– How to get started? –

  • Contact us to create your Account
  • We will provide you the log-in information
  • Deposits/Withdrawals are lighting fast and will be made via us
Need any guidance? Please contact us directly and we will help you to get started!


– Payments –

  How to make a deposit?

We have options to serve all players, Contact us for help.

  How to make a withdrawal?

We have options to serve all players, Contact us for help.

  How is the Security on KINGSCLUBPOKER?

Players are protected  and any form of abusing, cheating (including the use of real time assistance and solvers etc) is prohibited and not welcome. Penalties will be given to accounts ignoring these rules.

  • Collusion

Collusion is checked and examined. Cheating in this way leads to serious consequences. Demonstrated team-play will result in restriction from the club and monetary obligation.

  • Multi-Accounting

Players are not allowed to utilize various screen names. Maltreatment of this from players or by agents of players, may result in suspension, ban or even confiscating of funds.

  • Table Etiquette

The motivation behind the exclusive club is to give a protected and amicable spot to play for poker lovers. Assaulting in the chat will lead to serious consequences and may result in loss of chat privileges. Bum-hunting is profoundly disapproved of and if it becomes an issue you might get suspended. Attempting to persistently pick up position on a player, securing them and hit and run are also categorized as bad behavior. In the event that these practices are mishandled and intentional, this could result in a ban or suspension.


– Conclusion –


Great Experience (ability multi-table via web-client on PC, MAC and mobile)
Very Soft Games up to Hi-Stakes
Bankroll Guaranteed
Great Selection of different poker formats/games
Great Rakeback Deals via SMP
Lightning Fast Support by Somuchpoker


Only available via web-client

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