J88Poker keeps developing its poker offering

On the 25th of October, J88Poker opened their doors to the Asian market, with plans to bring in many new players from China and the rest of the continent. With its player pool beginning to grow, the website has now rolled out some big promotions. Here we present the best of those ongoing and upcoming promotions.

Burning Sunday

J88 Vivian Im

The biggest tournaments to be found on J88 always fall on ‘Burning Sunday’ which is the last Sunday in any calendar month. The 25th of February is the next one coming up, and the ‘Burning Red Monster’ tournament already has a prize pool guarantee of ₵2,000,000 (Approx. $20,000). chips. The entry fee will be ₵10,000 (Approx. $100).

*J88Poker’s ₵ value is equal to 1 US cent.

Numerous additional events such as ‘Burning Micro Madness’ (₵500 buy-in)  and ‘Burning OMARVEL’ (₵1,000 buy-in.) also ensure that beginners and those with less chips can still get involved.

Bankroll Challenge

Bankroll Challenge

For those who like to grind all week long rather than just Sunday, there is a bankroll challenge going on at J88Poker too. Turn ₵10,000 into ₵20,000 and you will be rewarded with a bonus of between ₵10,000 and ₵30,000, based on VIP points earned through the challenge. This bankroll challenge should help build the bankrolls of new players who are willing to put in the time at the tables.

Banrkol challange 2

J88Poker is looking to expand its player pool through the coming year and offering promotions shows a willingness to give away free chips in the pursuit of bringing in new players and keeping existing ones happy. In addition to these promotions, freerolls run regularly on the site, and players who tire of Hold’em can find other games such as Omaha, OFC and Badugi to keep the action fresh and interesting.

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Article by Craig Bradshaw