IPC: Jhunjhunwala wins the Main Event, The High Roller and the Indian POY title

The IPC is a growing tournament series in India, and while it is unlikely to grab headlines for huge prize pools or tables full of global stars of poker, the December edition has certainly been newsworthy. The ever smiling, APT legend, Sam Razavi turned up to participate, which immediately generated a little extra interest, even more so when he went all the way to the final table of the Main Event. But somehow, despite his stellar performance, this was one of those rare days when Sam Razavi wasn’t the star of the show.

Nikunj Jhunjhunwala wins the Main Event, The High Roller and the Indian Player of the year Title

On the day that the IPC Main Event began, Nikunj Jhunjhunwala, a cash game player from Mumbai, was happily lifting the trophy of the IPC High Roller event, having outlasted a field of 106 players. He took home INR15.41 Lakhs ($23,076), and was probably pleased that he had finally proved to his formerly doubting friends, that he could cut it in tournaments, as well as cash games. Just in case they weren’t completely convinced, he then went and did something quite extraordinary in the Main Event, which started later that day. He carved his way through the field of 219 players, and despite starting the final table 6th in the chip counts, won that too, for another INR15.3 Lakhs ($22,900). Jhunjhunwala had accomplished something truly special in this most prestigious Indian poker series, and had caused a slight stir in the Indian Player of the Year race too. He had in fact gone from being unlisted on the Player of the Year leaderboard, to winning the whole thing, in the space of two fantastic tournament wins.

IPC Main Event

Nikunj Jhunjhunwala (Photo Poker Guru)

Sam Razavi finishes 3rd of the Main Event for $14,975

Sam Razavi would have been the major attraction if not for Jhunjhunwala, as he made the final table with a strong chip stack, and always looked to have a good chance of winning the event. Razavi is a former winner of the APT Goa Main Event, has three APT Player of the Year titles to his name, with a great chance of taking his fourth this year, and so was always the biggest threat at this final table. Despite that fact, it wasn’t going to be his day. Once play had reached four handed, a deal was made, and soon after that, Razavi lost a large pot and couldn’t recover. He eventually finished a creditable 3rd, and as always, brought a serious amount of charisma, and talent to this final table.

Sam RAzavi IPC

Sam Razavi (Photo Poker Guru)

In the end, just like the rest of the field, he could do nothing to deny the back to back victories of Nikunj Jhunjhunwala. The Mumbai based cash game player has now more than earned the right to call himself a tournament player too, and his exploits, along with Sam Razavi’s final table appearance, have made for a great story at the IPC.

Full coverage of the event can be found on Poker Guru

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