Interview: Christopher Chee, Macau Billionaire Poker COO

Few months ago, Macau Billionaire Poker opened its poker room at Babylon Casino, Fisherman’s Wharf in Macau. Christopher Chee, Macau Billionaire Poker COO, took few minutes of his time to share his thoughts about his plans for the venue and the poker scene in Macau and China.

 1. [Somuchpoker] Can you introduce to our readers the Macau Billionaire Club?

[Christopher Chee] Macau Billionaire Club is a live poker room organized and run by Macau Billionaire Poker. We are currently located at the Babylon Casino in Fisherman’s Wharf.
The organization itself started in 2010. We have offices in China, Hong Kong, and Macau. Our main goal is to promote the mind game of Texas Hold’em in China and the South East Asia region.

2. What have been the greatest achievements of your organization so far?

Our hand in organizing the high roller event which brought over 180m HKD prize pool would be our greatest achievement so far.

3. Can you tell us more about the team behind the organization?

MBP operation team are young ambitious individuals who want to make a lasting impact on the poker scene in Asia. Many of us grew up during the poker boom happening in the US which drew us to play online. Through a stroke of luck, we have now gathered in Macau and hope to develop the poker business here. We employ  seasoned directors who have experience in the Macau gaming industry for over 20+ years.

4. You just opened your poker room in Macau. What are you aiming to bring to the local Poker Scene?

We are aiming to bring the home game feel to players who come to our poker room. Our ability to be flexible and cater to different or unusual requests by our VIP club members to make the game more enjoyable for the VIP and their friends is one of our major USPs.

Babylon Casino2
Babylon Casino – Macau

5. Which games are currently running in your poker room?

Currently we only have No Limit Hold’em going. We currently run games from 20/50 à 10K/20K. Our dealers are also experienced in dealing PLO so that will be the next game on offer once government approvals are finalized.

6. Are you planning to host live tournaments?

We are currently working with multiple partners in the Asia region to bring live tournaments either under our own MBP brand or partner brands with major online presence who are looking to have a live tournament in Macau.

Our first festival will kick-off on July 23rd. The Summer Show will feature a Main Event with a HK$ 1,000,000 Gtd Prize pool for a Hk$ 8,000 buy- in and two high roller events.

We are very open with working with any brand who is interested…A Somuchpoker tournament perhaps?

7. The Macau Billionaire Poker is well known for hosting High Stakes Cash games and tournaments. What are your plans in this specific area?

Macau Billionaire Poker will continue to use our connections to high rollers in mainland China and around the world to bring high stakes cash games and star studded tournaments where ever we go. We will continue to schedule in high stakes tournament events during live events at our Macau poker room and market to players who want to play at the highest level and test their skills against the world’s best.

8. Your company has offices in Shanghai and Fuzhou? What are the activities of Macau Billionaire Poker in Mainland China?

Our Shanghai and Fuzhou offices mainly serve backend tech functions to maintain our website as well as poker related apps. There is also a small team in Shen Zhen where we create poker related media to broadcast on our partner Lotus TV Channel.

9. What is your personal view on the current Chinese poker scene?

The Chinese poker scene is booming. We will see more and more players learn the game and this will also bring rise to Chinese poker pros who will rival the established poker celebrities now.
MBP hopes to be a part of this and incubate the growth of the scene in a legal and fair environment.

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