Indonesia’s Marcel Andhika leads Day 1b of the PKC National Main Event

Day 1b of the first-ever Poker King Cup National PHP4,000,000 Main Event drew in a total of 73 entries, each one ponying up the PHP15,000 ($325) entry fee. The event wrapped up with 17 players remaining, six of them above the century mark, with Indonesia’s Marcel Andhika at the top of the rung amassing 179,900 chips.

Indonesia’s Marcel Andhika is Day 1 B chip leader

During the last four rounds of regulation play, Andhika was already sitting with a quite a hefty stack of over 120k. He surged even further in the last two levels when he picked up numerous pots, winning four decent sized pots without a showdown. On one of his last winning hands, Andhika jammed all in on top of a Korean player’s bet and shipped in a meaty pot of around 30k without a challenge.

Filipino player Earl Edison Ang slid into second position with 140,000 chips at bagging time. Ang’s rise began with a bit of controversy on his bet with a player all in. When the hand concluded, Ang earned a big pot with his big slick and then began to dominate his table. He shipped in two more sizable pots before the end of the day to finish just behind the leader.

Filipino player Earl Edison Ang slid into second position

A nice trickling in of chips was how Australian player Jason Fellowes earned the third spot in the chip rung. He even turned up a gorgeous hand of quad twos to bring him up to 113,500 at the end of the day.

Australian player Jason Fellowes earned the third spot

The other three players who joined the leaders in the six-digit chip range were Filipino players Brian Sombero with 107,200 chips, Dennis Gamboa with 101,500 chips, and Jon Jon Lumanian with 101,300 chips. Between the three, it was Sombero who had his work cut out during the final two rounds, needing something to go his way to pump up his ailing short stack. The time arrived when he eliminated a short stacked player with his dominating pocket queens, and then doubled up through New Zealand’s Paul Hockin with his queen-two shove defeating ace-nine. Later, Sombero proceeded to take the rest of Hockin’s chips with his king-jack landing a flush against Hockin’s ace-queen. Also making it through the day were Filipino pro John Tech, Korea’s Jeon Seung Soo, and the WPTN Korea Main Event champion China’s Xu Yiguang.

The day also had its fair share of players down in the dumps. Among those who exited were China’s Hui Yao, Zhinning Chen, India’s Srinivas Polishetty, and Indonesia’s Sammy Bolung. These players need not to fret as there are two more flights in store tomorrow, one at 1pm and the last one at 6pm.

List of Day 1b survivors

Marcel Andhika – Indonesia – 179,900
Earl Edison Ang – Philippines – 140,000
Jason Fellowes – Australia – 113,500
Brian Sombero – Philippines – 107,200
Dennis Gamboa – Philippines – 101,500
Jon Jon Lumanian – Philippines – 101,300
Veterano Tan – Philippines – 91,200
Franklin Nuguid – Philippines – 86,600
Daniel Tobias Ksellgren – Swedish – 76,900
I.P. San Gabriel Jr – Philippines – 74,500
John Tech – Philippines – 70,400
Kimura Jong Yeol Lee – 67,000
Xu Yiguang – China – 62,600
Jeon Seung Soo – Korea – 60,900
Armon Rocabo Jr – Philippines – 48,700
Ernest Christian Punzalan – Philippines – 41,000
Gerardo Lubas – Philippines – 39,400

Day 1b In Video

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