Getting to know Filipino Poker Pro John Tech

Six years ago, Filipino player, John Tech, got his first taste of poker and since then he has climbed up the rankings to become the country’s top tournament poker player. Last Friday, November 27, 2015, Tech led the Philippines into victory at the opening event of the International Poker Open, the Four Countries Team Competition. Tech swept the first round heads up match, then won the second round eight-man table. At the final round, Tech was kind enough to give us the details along with a short interview on his continuing success at the felt.

Comment: John Tech won yesterday the Beauty and the Beast K.O. Bounty Event. Congratulations!

SMP: What was the crucial hand you faced that led to Team Philippines victory?

Tech: At the final round of eight players, Lester busted out first so I had to eliminate Korea and China to gain ahead in points. Japan had no chance of winning anymore but they still had to play the final round. The crucial hand was when I had ace-seven on the big blind facing an all in with my shorter stack against Korea. I called and he had queen-two. The board gave him a queen at the flop but I rivered an ace. That was the turning point. We won when Japan busted out Korea and China simultaneously because even if there were four players left, we were way ahead in points, enough to win the competition.

SMP: That’s great! Congratulations! You have been having a great run this year, how do you keep sharp game after game? Tech: I get a lot of sleep and take energy drinks like Berocca.

team event victory

Team Philippines won the IPO opening event (Photo Poker King Club)

SMP: What are some of the perks of being a successful poker player?

Tech: I get to control my time, play whenever I want to. I also get to travel to different countries like Macau and the US. Get a vacation in there too.

SMP: As for idols, if you could get into the mind of anyone or any player, who would it be and why?

Tech: Steve Jobs. I want to know what is in his mind because he is a genius. I want to know how to be a billionaire. (He chuckles)

SMP: One last question, do you have a poker dream or goal?

Tech: Yes. To win a WSOP bracelet in any event but most especially the main event. With that, our interview was over.

We’d like to thank John Tech for taking the time to chat with us, and a thank you as well to Ashby Rivera who joined in to add some input about the team’s victory. Good luck on your next poker endeavor!

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