From Zero to Hero to YouTube Star: Doug Polk’s Poker Journey

In 2013, Doug Polk was busy declaring himself as the world’s best player, backing his claim by stating that no one was willing to give him consistent action at the highest stakes. Although Polk‘s affirmation is difficult to verify, his path has been an interesting one which is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

Doug Polk (Photo Kenneth Lim – Courtesy of PokerStars)

The difficult beginnings of Doug “WGC Rider” Polk

One of the first sightings of WCG Rider came on the poker forum 2+2 in 2007, where he posted a message in which he opened up about his struggles to break even. He talked of only having $30 in his account and feeling like his game wasn’t progressing, and asked other posters for advice. Posts like these should be inspirational to new players and those who are struggling because it shows that perseverance and a willingness to ask for help can lead to great things, even when you only have a $30 bankroll and success seems so distant. Absolutely every top player started at the bottom and no doubt found themselves in a similar situation along the way. Getting to the top is tough, and this post is a refreshing reminder of that.

“Every time i begin to do well, i have a huge roller coaster ride and end up broke again, ending up having to reload. Again I am down to my last 30$, and I just dont even know what to say. Its not like im out of money, but if i cant get my bankroll going, and i continue to be a marginal losing player, whats the point?” Doug Polk 05/05/2007  – 2+2 Poker Forum

$455,000  WCOOP score on Twitch 

Fast forward 9 years from his forum post and Doug Polk is winning $455,000 in the 2016 WCOOP High Roller in front of an online audience, finishing 2nd place to secure the largest ever prize won while live streaming a poker session. The highlights of the stream can be found on his YouTube channel, in the form of 12 episodes, each of which lasts 10-12 minutes.

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Poker Hands with Doug Polk

Polk‘s channel is more than just Twitch replays though, as he also presents a series in which he gives analysis of interesting televised poker hands, breaking down the action and offering his thoughts on each street. The paternity of this concept cannot be solely attributed to Polk, as others have also made similar videos, but the video quality and insight make for great viewing.

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Bankroll challenge struggle

Another idea which is not new, but has been adopted by Doug Polk is the bankroll challenge. His attempts to turn $100 into $10,000 have been shared with his numerous followers, and the experience appears to be more testing than he had hoped, as he only has $134 after 16 days of grinding. Obviously variance will play a role but the video content suffers to some degree when he is not making any progress. With any luck however, he will soon be on his way towards having a four-figure bankroll to work with, and that should add more excitement to the content.

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Article by Craig Bradshaw