Feng Zhao wins HK$310,400 in the Macau Billionaire Poker Jade Series I

The Macau Billionaire Poker, which only opened this year, just finished with its 2nd Event offering for the year.  The previous event, The 2016 Summer Showdown, which guaranteed HK$1,000,000, was won by Gary Yue who amassed an impressive 1st prize of HK$271,600.

The 2nd offering named the MBP Jade Series I, which was held from October 7-10 at the Macau Billionaire Poker Room, had 5 side events and featured a Main Event with a buy-in of HK$12,000 and again a guaranteed prize pool of HK$1,000,000.  All the events in the MBP Jade Series I had a guaranteed prize pool, an offering hardly seen in poker tournaments nowadays.  A total field of 60 players attended the Main Event but this participation resulted in an overlay for the organizers.  Nonetheless, keeping to the integrity of the event, the organizers forked out the guarantee as promised.

Feng Zhao ended up being the last man standing in the Main Event, taking home Hk$371,000 for prize winnings.  This had surely been a juicy addition to his trophy-filled home and his current total live earnings of over US$300,000.  Feng Zhao, a renowned poker player in Asia, had been a consistent winner in past events of the Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT), Asian Poker Tour (APT), and other poker tournaments in the region.

Feng Zaho (Photo MBP)
Feng Zaho (Photo MBP)

Jade Series Main Event Payouts (HK$)

1st Feng Zhao $310,400
2nd Hsiao Chih Hsin $191,840
3rd Fu Fung Wing $134,290
4th Hara Satoshi $97,810
5th Isaac Lo $71,960
6th Hisayama Ryota $53,760
7th Rono Lo $43,120
8th Hou Chun Lin $35,940
9th Ssu Wei Yang $30,880

5K Deepstack (HK$ 250,000 GTD)

Hou Chun Lin, who placed 4th in the MBP 2016 Summer Showdown was victorious this time around in the 5k Deepstack side event.

Payouts in HKD

1st Hou Chun Lin $90,940
2nd Ho Sin Kin $56,210
3rd Cheng Ka Kit $39,140
4th Ng Cheuk Lun Jalen $30,340
5th Yeh Lee Chung $25,870

Shen Zhou Poker 020 Grand Final Sponsored by Billionaire Poker 

Ong Lai Po (Photo MBP)
Ong Lai Po (Photo MBP)

Payouts in HKD

1st Ong Lai Poh $250,000
2nd Tong Peng Cheng $154,520
3rd Si Da wei $112,460
4th Hong Jiang $83,170
5th Zhao Jie Zhang $62,470
6th Chia-Wei Tsui $47,650
7th Xu Bo $36,900
8th Kah Hing Chee $29,000

2K Deepstack Turbo  (HK20,000 GTD.)

Si Da Wei (Photo MBP)
Si Da Wei (Photo MBP)

Payouts in HKD

1st Si Da wei $26,620
2nd Chang Yu Tzu $17,750
3rd Kelvin Tse Kim Chong $8,880
4th Wang King Chung $5,910
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