Poker in Shanghai: Event Guide of the Asia Poker League

Before the year ends, the Asia Poker League will be following its Beijing tournament, which had a participation of 465 players, with another event in Mainland China – this time it’s going to be held right outside Shanghai, in Kunshan City, Suzhou.  Although the event is happening in Suzhou, the event has been coined APL Shanghai due to the proximity to the second most populous city in China.

APL beeijing
APL Beijing – August 2016

There are numerous things to look forward to with the Asia Poker League Shanghai. Event will take place from November 23rd to November 29th. For one, the buy-in has been lowered to US$880 but organizers have maintained the guaranteed prize pool of ¥3,000,000 (US $443,000), a move which will hopefully attract more players from all over Asia to fly in and participate in the events. They have also improved the structures of the tournaments. The festival will also feature a High Roller event ($3,000 Buy-In) and a Ladies Event ($300 Buy-In). The team event  won in Beijing by “Team Vietnam” will also make a return.

More: Asia Poker League Shanghai – Schedule

There are certain details people need to know to attend the event however.  Here are some helpful information that will guide you along the way.

City Venue

Kunshan City is a satellite city in greater Suzhou which is located to the west of Shanghai. It is about 20-50 KM away from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, 105km away from Pudong International Airport and is 10km away from the National highway G312.  Kunshan City is one of the most economically successful country-level administrations in the country with numerous multi-national corporations located in the area.  It is also home to one of the most ancient forms of Chinese opera, the Kunqu. There are 2 water cities located in the area, Zhouzuang & Jinxi, which will definitely take visitors back to the world of Ancient China.


Kunshan Hotel

Recommended by the organizers themselves, the Kunshan Hotel is the best place to stay in for the event.  Apart from it being only 50m away from the tournament venue, the hotel is known for its luxury and service which can match any 5-star hotel in the region.  It has been newly renovated and is popular place for dignitaries and politicians visiting the city.

Rates for rooms start at $80 per night or you can choose to share your room with another player which will cut the price in half ($40).

Organizers also offer the packages:

  • $1100 (Main Event buy in + 6 Nights) – Share your room with a player
  • $1300 (Main Event buy – in + 6 nights) – Single room


Ordinary passport holder from Singapore, Brunei or Japan are visa exempt to enter China as long as they stay a maximum of 15 days and their purpose for entering is for family visits, business and tourism.  Everybody else will have to apply for a visa to enter China and Shanghai.

Flights to Shanghai


There are no direct flights from Manila to Hongqiao airport.  But there are flights available with 1 stop in Guangzhou and these costs a minimum of around $215.  Flights to Pudong, however, costs a minimum of $415.

Hong Kong

There are direct flights from Hong Kong to Hongqiao airport and flight costs start at around $200.

Ho Chi Minh City

There are no direct flights from Ho Chi Minh to Hongqiao airport.  But there are flights available with 1 stop in Guangzhou and these costs a minimum of around $300. Direct flights to Pudong start at $340

Kuala Lumpur

The same with Manila there are no direct flight to Hongqiao Airport and flights stop at Guangzhou.  Prices start at around $300. Direct flights to Pudong costs a minimum of $230.

*Note:  The APL will be providing a Shuttle Service to the venue from both Pudong and Hongqiao Airports.

Hendon Mob & Global Poker Index

The APL Events are now part of the Hendon Mob Database and will be included in the calculations of GPI Ranking.

Article by Gabrielle Ruiz- Barredo / Cover Photo by whiz-ka


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