Crushing “Nosebleed” Cash games : watch the story of Seb86 and Alexonmoon

Sebastien Sabic (Seb86) and Alexandre Luneau  (Alexonmoon) are two of the best online cash game players. They first met in Las Vegas and built their friendship around poker in Thailand.

They made a deal: Alex would help Sebastien perfect his game in PLO and No limit Holdem while Sebastien taught Alex the other games.  They saw a big opportunity in the online nosebleed cash games. They would share their knowledge and bankroll with one aim in mind: crushing the most expensive cash games online.

They are now among the biggest online winners: According to HighstakesDBAlexandre Luneau has won more than $4.5m under his account Alexonmoon (Full Tilt) and BiatchPeople (PokerStars) while Sebastien Sabic has shown a profit of $2,1M under the nickname Seb86 (PokerStars and Full Tilt).

A large part of the $22.M lost by Gus Hansen, who ended up quitting online poker, can be attributed to the two Frenchmen.

In 2014, Victor Saumont decided to follow them and produced a long format documentary about these two players. A must watch!



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