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COP (City of Poker) Review

  • Soft games with a vast majority of Chinese Players
  • Action across all stakes (especially NLH)
  • iOS, Android And PC (Via Emulator)
  • Safe access to the games via Somuchpoker
  • Very Good Traffic at small-mid stakes
  • CRYPTO (USDT) Direct Deposits and Withdrawals

– About COP Poker –

COP Featured Image


COP-Poker is the redesigned Poker Community (Firepoker) app. The app is a poker application similar to the old Poker Master and there are lots of games currently running up to 5/10/20/CNY (up to NL300). Smallest games start at ~NL2. There are many tables running if you’re looking to play soft NLH small to midstakes. PLO is also available but it rarely runs.

With games on Poker Master in 2019 no longer interesting (too much collusion and scams), Poker Community (Firepoker) and now COP Poker is currently one of the best options for players looking for Chinese traffic.

– Play on COP with Somuchpoker –

Why play on COP POKER with Somuchpoker agent?

We can guide you and give you access to the community. We are available for help and any other inquiries you may have. One of the upgrades of COP is that Deposits and Withdrawals can now be managed by players directly.

How to access the best clubs on COP?

All clubs are currently part of a single Alliance. Before starting, let us know about the games you are playing so that we can recommend the best options. When different Alliances will be formed we will make sure to provide you an access to the softest clubs on COP, we will actively update our club offerings to ensure access to the best games.

Want to know more about game quality and peak times? Do you have more questions or do you want some advise regarding City Of Poker App? Please don’t hesitate and contact us! We are happy to help you!

Contact us for details.

What is the Rake Structure?

1-2 Players 3-4 Players 5 or more Players
Stakes Min Buy-in Max Buy-in Rake Capped Rake Capped Rake Capped
0.05/0.04 50BB 200BB 1% 0.2 2% 0.4 3% 0.6
0.1/0.2 50BB 200BB 1% 0.4 2% 0.8 3% 1.2
0.5/1 50BB 200BB 1% 2 2% 4 3% 6
1/2 100BB 1000BB 1% 5 2% 6 3% 12
2/4 100BB 1000BB 1% 6 2% 8 3% 16
5/10 100BB 1000BB 1% 8 2% 9 3% 18
10/20 100BB 1000BB 1% 10 2% 10 3% 20
25/50 100BB 1000BB 1% 10 2% 12 3% 25

Try COP Poker (City of Poker) via a trusted agent.
Contact Somuchpoker to Get Started !

– Games –

How to use the Software?

Poker Community offers games on Android/iOS as well as Windows (via Emulator). The app is available for download by going to:

Download COP (City of Poker)

You will need a valid sim to register for an account. Your account is created after receiving the confirmation code!

👉🏻 Apply to:
🐯 TigerChang
🔐 ID: 8849080

What Games of Poker are available?

Texas Hold’Em, MTTs and PLO are available to play, starting at NL30/PLO30 up to NL1.5k. Games are very soft compared to international standards. Action may vary depending on games/stakes. There is A LOT of NLH traffic accross all stakes but PLO has  considerable less action. MTTs are running and are also very interesting!

Lobby Tbles Firepoker

IN game Tables Firepoker

How to join our Community and see the games?

👉🏻 Please apply to:

🐯 TigerChang
🔐 ID: 8849080


You will be able to see the games after being accepted in the community!

Need Help? Have Questions? Contact us!

– Payments –

The new client has made some great improvements. The app looks and feels great. Next to very pleasant visual improvements, players are now able to manage Deposits and Cashouts directly via USDT without the help of a middle-person (or agent).

  How to make a Deposit?

👉🏻 Deposit directly in USDT yourself!

  How to make a Withdrawal?

👉🏻 Cashout directly in USDT yourself!

  Is City Of Poker Secure?

As this app formerly known as PokerCommunity (Firepoker) is now quite some time on the market, players are quite happy to play here. It’s for sure one of the better ones among Chinese Apps. At the moment Direct USDT Deposits and Cashouts makes the app very easily accessible to people interested to play the games. Player style and preference plays a roll in the decision making if the games are suitable for you or not.

– Conclusion –


Soft Poker Games up to mid-stakes on a Chinese App
Great new interface and self-cashin / cashout via USDT


Only available on PC via Emulator
No Rakeback

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