Biggest Winners and Losers in Online Poker for 2015


The Enigma of Isildur1 + $2,127,000

Viktor Blom has always been a player who inspires excitement, having been involved in so many huge pots when he shook up the online poker scene back in 2009. After a career filled with ups and downs, he has had a great year in 2015, finishing as the biggest winner for the year, with $2,127,000 (PokerStars + Full Tilt). He is increasingly being considered as the most legendary, and mysterious poker pro ever to have graced the online world. His work is no longer confined to Pokerstars and Full Tiilt either, as he has been sighted on Microgaming in December, playing PLO under the name “hrskar.”


Viktor Blom (Photo Pokerfuse)

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Sauce Going Strong: + $1,153,000

Ben Sulsky has been a highly respected player for some time now. He plays under the name “Sauce1234” on Full Tilt, where he has $743,015 in profits for 2015, but he also plays under the name “Sauce123” on Pokerstars, where he has won a further $409,969 this year.

Ben Sulsky

Ben Sulsky (Photo Bay 101)

Staying Top of The Food Chain: Jeans89 $882,000

Jens Kyllonen, also known as “Jeans89” has been a regular at the high stakes tables for several years now, having established himself as a world class PLO specialist. Since 2010, Jens has racked up $4.96 million in profits on Pokerstars, mostly at the $50/$100 tables. He finished this year with $882,183 (PokerStars + Full Tilt) in profit, making him one of the biggest winner for 2015.


Jens Kyllonen


Ivey Slipping: -$3,731,000

As a man who is widely regarded as the best poker player in the world, Phil Ivey’s online results over the last few years have been strange, and worrying. He still sits atop the all time online winners list, but this year, he finished as the biggest loser of the year, dropping $1,250,806 on Full Tilt under the name “Polarizing” along with $2,481,266 on Pokerstars under the name “RaiseOnce.” He lost over $3.7 million in total this year, in addition to being one of the biggest loser in 2014, when he dropped $2.3 million. Only Gus Hansen can rival this downturn in recent times. Ivey’s form is certainly puzzling, and could fuel speculation that he has lost his edge at the very highest level of online poker.

Jean Robert Bellande: $1,139,000

Playing under the name “Jacqueline” Jean Robert has had a fairly torrid year at the online tables, burning through $1,139,115 over the course of 2015. Famed for describing his own life as “broke living” he is often involved in live high stakes poker too, and posted a picture of himself buying into the “Big One for One Drop” for $1 million, in 2014. He continues to live a lavish lifestyle, despite apparently being broke.


Jean Robert Bellande buying into the BIg One for One Drop

Online Nostalgia: Good times Gone

In 2015, the face of online poker is slowly undergoing change. The days when huge egos clashed at dizzying stakes while railbirds cheered them on, have now passed us all by. The biggest tables on Full Tilt have now been removed, firmly bringing that era to an end. The lower player traffic compared to 5 years ago has led to a slight decline in stakes generally, and it seems that the golden age of High Stakes Games Online has now become a page in poker’s history book. Even the task of tracking profits is no longer the same as it once was, with some players opting out of tracking entirely. This means that it’s increasingly difficult to know who has achieved what, when it comes to high stakes tables, and keeping score is becoming tougher each year.

Article by Craig B.

Biggests Winner 2015 according to

Player Sessions Hands Winnings
20150316075702small icon starsIsildur1 1791 249272 $3,497,527
noplayersmall iconbbvisbadforme 64 7863 $965,770
20150518090353small icon starsJeans89 383 28121 $853,053
20150506110441small iconSauce1234 45 3574 $743,015
20150413082316small icon starsSauce123 764 103790 $409,969


Biggest Losers 2015 according to

           small icon starsRaiseOnce 622 126026 $2,481,266
20150126101500small iconIsildur1 488 69133 $1,367,244
20150410083133small iconPolarizing 175 32737 $1,250,806
noplayersmall icon starsJaqueline 201 17510 $1,139,115
noplayersmall iconSanIker 114 20810 $910,746



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