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1015pm: Day 1B ends with Guak Do Gyeong in a league of his own

Do Gyeong Kwak
 Guak Do Gyeong 

Day 1B is a wrap and high above and far ahead is Korea’s Guak Do Gyeong with an enormous 423,400 stack. Just before the last level of the day, Guak shipped in the biggest pot of the day railing a player with a dominating pocket jacks set over pocket nines set made at the flop.

To close out the day, Guak picked up a couple of more pots, even winning one with 2d7h. Sitting on the big blind seat, he was in a six-way limped pot with blinds at 800-1600 ante 200. Everyone checked to the turn board of 6h4c2c3d, then on the 2h river Guak bet that found one caller. He won with trips.

Day 1B had a total of 94 entries with 26 remaining at bagging time. We will have a recap for you shortly.  

945pm: Thomas Kristiansen tanks Martin Gonzales

Intense action went down between Thomas Kristiansen and Martin Gonzales with both payers staring down a board of 4s8d5c2h. Kristiansen checked to Gonzales who took the oppoortunity to bet 6k. Kristiansen answered with a shove for another 41.4k. This immediately sent Gonzales in contemplation, taking several minutes before laying down his hand. Kristiansen was kind enough to show his hand, turning over pocket threes.

8:30pm: Guak Do Gyeong distancing from the pack

Do Gyeong Kwak
Guak Do Gyeong

From time to time, we’ve taken glances at Korea’s  Guak Do Gyeong who has been sporting a big stack since the early rounds. At the dinner break, he was running toe-to-toe with Lester Edoc with both players well above the 100k range.

At Level 10, we watched Guak successfully grind for more chips bringing him up to 240k. He is now the chip leader with Edoc in second with roughly around 165k. One of Guak’s winning pots saw him raise to 4k from the button seat with blinds at 600-1200. Big blind defended and the flop felted 8c3s3h. BB checked, Guakcontinued with a 7k bet and was called. On the 3d turn, both players checked it but on the river 6h, Guak fired once more with a 10k bet. BB called and Guak won with Qs8s full house.

8:15pm: JC Sayo shaves down Euryd Rivera’s stack

Euryd Rivera
Euryd Rivera

JC Sayo ballooned his stack to nearly 140k after winning a big pot against local pro Euryd Rivera. The hand kicked off with utg Rivera raising it up from 1k to 2200. He was called by the cutoff player however button seat Sayo three-bet to drive it up to 7100. Both Rivera and the cutoff called.

On the flop JdAhTc, no bets came for a free look at the turn Qs. Rivera slid out 2400, cutoff folded, Sayo raised to 7100, and Rivera called. On the river 6s, Rivera checked to the aggressor Sayo who fired out 27.5k sending Rivera deep into the tank. Rivera eventually called and shook his head in dismay after seeing Sayo’s Kh6h straight. Although Rivera didn’t show, we heard him tell a player he had pocket jacks. Rivera dropped down to around 30k.

7:40pm: High Rollers underway

High Rollers Event
High Rollers Event

The High Rollers event is rolling along with 12 players ponying up the P50,000 entry. Among them are Mike Takayama, Eric Wasylenko, Kyle Lim, Jaeheung An, and Michael Kim Falcon. Registration will stay open until the start of Level 7. They are currently on Level 3 with blind increasing every 40 minutes.

6:40pm: Dinner break update

Lester Edoc
Lester Edoc

Players are now at a 40 minute dinner break. There are 42 players remaining. One of the leaders is Philippines Lester Edoc.

625pm: Ernie Batalla rails Mike Takayama

Mike Takayama hit another wall at the Main Event. He busted at yesterday’s Day 1A and today he met his end at the hands of Ernie Batalla. Takayama shoved with Kh6s two pair on a turn board of  7c Jh 7d Ks and Batalla called with  7s 6d trips. The river  Ac sent him packing.

6:15pm: Tae Joon Cho loses set over set against JC Sayo

Korea’s Tae Joon Cho jumped right into the Main Event battlefield after winning the Warm Up event earlier today. Since then, his stack has grown to a healthy 80k, that is, until he ran into a dominated set over set hand against Philippines JC Sayo.

The hand got underway with Sayo raising it up from 600 to 1400. He found three callers to see the flop which included Cho. On the flop 2d8h3s, it was checked around. The turn 9s saw Sayo bet 2700, raised to 8300 by Cho, the rest folding, Sayo bumping it up to 15k, then Cho all in. Sayo tossed in a fast call and showed his 3d3c set ahead of Cho’s 2h2s lower set. The riverQc secured the win and Sayo climbed to 80k while Cho fell to around 40k.

5:45pm: A couple of heads for Abhineet Jain

Abhineet Jain
Abhineet Jain

Two rounds prior, Indian player Abhineet Jain collected all of a player’s chips after spiking a lucky two pair on the turn with all the chips in at the flop. Jain had A-3 while his opponent had A-K, the full board was A-7-5-3-8.

Moments ago, he claimed another stack and this time he was ahead entering the race. Action kicked off with Jain raising it up from 500 to 1200. Richard Marquez three-bet to 2600, then down the orbit, another player joined the war putting all his chips at risk. Jain called and Marquez got out of the way. Jain opened AcKs while his opponent showed KdQc. The board ran Jh7sJs8sQs for a winning flush. Jain is now up to 90k.  

5:20pm: Day 1B registration closes with 94 entries

Martin Gonzales
Martin Gonzales

Players have now entered Level 7 which means Day 1B registration is officially closed. There were 94 entries today. Among the notable players we haven’t mentioned are Sungmin Oh, Mike Takayama, Abhineet Jain, Martin Gonzales, Euryd Rivera, and his brother Czardy Rivera has re-entered.

They are now in the freezeout stage with 56 players remaining

4:15pm: Registration still open for Pot Limit Omaha event

The first of two side events today took off running at 3pm, the Pot Limit Omaha 1 with a P5,500 entry fee. Currently there are 35 players signed up with registration open

3:45pm: SWEEP! Jun Valdiviezo knocks out three players

Jun Valdiviezo
Jun Valdiviezo

Local player Jun Valdiviezo was ear-to-ear after shipping in a sweet pot that sent three players out simultaneously. On a flop of 9d2c5d, Valdiviezo bet, one player jammed for 8775, two players called (one was Czardy Rivera), then back to Valdiviezo who shoved with a stack that covered all the players in the hand. Despite this, the other two players joined as well for two side pots generated.

The first all in player had Qh9h, another had Ts9s, Rivera with 8d7d, and Valdiviezo ahead with ThTc. The turnKc and river 3s completed the board and bang-bang-bang it was a full sweep for Valdiviezo. He now sits with 90k.

3:20pm: Notables at the felt

Jae Wook Shin, Lester Edoc, In Sin, and Czardy Rivera have joined the action.

3pm: First break update

The first three levels of the day are now behind us with 53 entries tallied so far. Registration will stay open for another three rounds. Notable players at the felt are Kyle Lim, JC Sayo, Niwesh Sharma, Jaeheung An, and Jay Tolon. There seems to be a congestion of players at the registration area so we should see the number of entries climb at the start of Level 4.

2:55pm: Michael Kim Falcon doubles up through Richard Marquez

Michael Kim Falcon
Michael Kim Falcon

We’ve seen quite a number of all ins with some players doubling up and others falling to the wayside. For Denmark’s Michael Kim Falcon, he had Philippines Richard Marquez jumping out of his after he (Falcon) landed a gutshot on the river. Preflop action saw a raise war between the two players that quickly led to both all in. Marquez hadAsJh and Falcon behind with KdQc. The board ran Kc6cJsAcTd. Marquez is down to 9500. Falcon climbed to over 20k however he is back down to half after losing a subsequent pot.

2:30pm: Tae Joon Cho wins the Warm Up event

Tae Joon Cho
Tae Joon Cho

The first APL Road Series trophy has just been awarded with Korea’s Tae Joon Cho fully dominating the final 6, railing four players on his path to victory. Cho defeated Tony Khoang at the heads up round to capture the P82,400 first place purse. We will have a recap for you at the end of the day so make sure to be on the lookout.

Warm Up event payouts
-1st Tae Joon Cho – Korea – P82,400
-2nd Tony Khoang – Netherlands- P55,800
-3rd Sooil Kim – Korea – P36,400
-4th Richard Allen – P29,100
-5th Anacleto Quijano – Philippines – P21,800
-6th Niwesh Sharma – India – P17,000

1:45pm: Early shove by Rugal Advali

Rugal Advali
Rugal Advali

Just before the blinds went up to 50-100, action heated up at one of the tables with Rugal Advali shoving it all in on the river against Kohei Kawanishi. The hand began with some heavy bets. Kawanishi raised to 300, got one player to call down the orbit, then big blind Advali re-raised to 1800. Kawanishi answered with a 3800 four-bet and only Advali called.

At the flop 9d2h5d, Advali checked, Kawanishi slid out a 4500 bet, and Adavali called. The turn 3d saw no betting action but on the 5s river, Advali quickly moved all in and claimed the pot with Kawanishi surrendering his hand. Advali goes up to 35k.

  1pm: Shuffle up and Deal! Day 1B begins

We are back in action at the Royce Hotel & Casino in Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles City, Pampanga with the Asia Poker League on its second day of the APL Road Series Vol.1 Philippines. Just a few moments ago the first deal of Day 1B Main Event P5,000,000 Guaranteed was felted. 16 players are currently at the tables with a traffic of eager participants at registration.

Dexter Mercado‎
Dexter Mercado‎

Several notable players getting an early start are APT champions Seung Soo Jeon, Kim Sung Ho, and Day 1A re-entry player Michael Kim Falcon. We will post live updates on the action throughout the day so make sure to check back from time to time.

Main Event info: Buy-in is P27,500; Players begin with a 25,000 stack, opening blinds at 25-50 with increases every 40 minutes. Registration stays open until the start of Level 7. A total of 12 rounds will be played today with a 40 minute dinner after Level 8.

Also running alongside the Main is the conclusion of the Warm Up event. Out of the 50 entries, only 6 returned today with each of them in the money. At the time of writing, the shortest stacked Niwesh Sharma has been eliminated. He earned P17,000 for his efforts.

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