APT Vietnam Main Event: Bryan Huang Runner up, Kwan Kit Kwok winner

The APT Vietnam main event has finally reached it's end, and caps off what has been a very interesting and successful first major series in Vietnam.

Great quality remained in the field coming into this final table, with a few names which most people hoped would lift the title. In the early stages, former chip leader Norbert Koh struggled, and eventually fell in 7th, shortly after Hideki Takafuji in 8th. Erik Billgren had won a big pot against Sam Razavi early on with bottom set against top pair, but failed to carry this momentum forwards, eventually finishing 6th. Meanwhile David Steicke, who had started the final table as shortstack, managed to grind out an admirable 5th place, leaving 4 players with a shot at the title, including Bryan Huang and Sam Razavi.

Soon after, what began as an attempted blind steal by Sunny Zhang, quickly turned into almost certain double up for Sam Razavi as he called and hit the flop hard. With 97.8% equity on the flop, the unthinkable then happened, as Zhang hit running cards to steal away the pot, and Razavi's chance at glory. Did Sam Razavi find somewhere to sit and gather his thoughts after this crushing beat? Of course not, he threw himself straight into multi tabling the monster stack and high roller events. That's what player of the year champions are made of.

Sam Razavi

Sam Razavi  finished 4th 

Sunny Zhang bowed out of the Main Event soon after in 3rd place, leaving Bryan Huang and Kwan Kit Kwok from Hong Kong heads up. 

After a big pot during three handed play, Huang started with around a 2 to 1 chip deficit. Early on Kwok extended his lead before Huang managed to claw some back. His valiant efforts couldn't result in equalising the chip counts though, and the day ultimately belonged to Kwok, who took the victory. 

Bryan Winner

Bryan Huang, Sunnay Zhang and Kwan Kit Kwok 

Bryan Huang took a brief moment to talk with Somuchpoker after the event and said “I hate finishing 2nd. I will keep trying. Event was great, resort nice, and players have been very well treated.” Kwok was delighted with his win, having travelled over to Vietnam for a poker vacation and to take part in the APT. He normally plays cash games in Macau, and is a regular at the HK$50/100 and HK$25/50 stakes there.


Kwan Kit Kwok wins the APT Vietnam Main Event, Bryan Huang finishes runner up for the 2nd time this year

The Main Event provided us with some good stories at the final table, but outside of the main event, another story should be mentioned. Iori Yogo, who has put up a great display at this APT festival, managed to take down his second side event. Our congratulations go to him, and to our Main Event champion, Kwan Kit Kwok.

Iori Yogo

Side events: Iori Yogo crowned for the 2nd time  this week in the No Limit Hold'em Event 2


APT Vietnam Main Event Final Table payouts

1 Hong Kong – Kwan Kit Kwok  –  (deal made) 26,800.00 

2 Singapore – Bryan Huang – (deal made) 20,000.00

3 China – Sunny Zhang – 11,900.00

4 England – Sam Razavi – 8,700.00

5 Hong Kong – David Steicke – 7,200.00

6 Sweden – Erik Billgren –  5,900.00

7 Singapore – Norbert Koh – 4,900.00

8 Japan – Hideki Takafuji – 4,100.00

9 Singapore – Jereld Sam – 3,500.00

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