APT Taiwan 2020 closes with Chan Lok Ming awarded Player of the Series; Wilson Lim wins Championships Event

Amid the growing number of event cancellations, the Asian Poker Tour completed a twelve day series at the Chinese Texas Hold’em Poker Association (CTP Club) in Taipei City. This was the tour’s second scheduled event of the calendar season with 24 games running from March 4 to 15.  We posted a recap on the first half of APT Taiwan 2020 with Hamish Crawshaw taking down the Main Event.

The second half saw Singapore’s Wilson Lim ship the Championships Event while Hong Kong’s Chan Lok Ming crushed the competition for the APT Player of the Series title. We have those stories for you below including the event’s final results.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, the tour’s next event – APT Da Nang – has been cancelled. Stay tuned to Somuchpoker for the tour’s future updates. If you are in Taiwan, live poker continues. Master Poker Series and Global Poker League will host an event at the CTP Club from March 28 to April 5.

Chan Lok Ming wins APT Player of the Series

Chan Lok Ming 1
Chan Lok Ming

Aside from cashing in at events, players were awarded points for reaching the money. The player with the most points accrued at the end of the series was awarded the top prize US$ 800 plus added prizes such as a trophy, customized ring, and an exclusive watch. Dominating the race was Hong Kong’s Chan Lok Ming with nine cashes that included three titles. He accrued 1,327.06 points which was over 500 points from his nearest competitior.

Here’s a look at his achievements:

8th place: Event #1 KMGM Monster Stack
Top two: Event #2 Ladies of Poker
1st place: Event #5: No Limit Hold’em
1st place: Event #8 Deep Stack Hyper Turbo
5th place: Event #9 No Limit Hold’em
2nd place: Event # 10 No Limit Hold’em
6th place: Event $#19 Deep Stack Turbo
1st place: Event # 22 5 Card PLO Hi
2nd place: Event # 24 Deep Stack Hyper Turbo

In 2nd place was Cheng Chao Ting and in 3rd place was Ori Kossonogi, both players received a trophy and US$ 100 each.

Championships Event: WILSON LIM – TW$ 537,950 (~US$ 17,800)

Singapore’s Wilson Lim was awarded the Championships Event victory after a heads up deal with runner-up Hsing Hsiung Tai. Lim earned TW$ 537,950, his largest win in Taiwan and first-ever APT title.

Wilson Lim
Wilson Lim

The Championships Event had a rough start with Day 1A cancelled due to barely any interest. Day 1B fared much better seeing 20 entries plus 9 more at Day 2 late registration.

Buy-in: TW$ 49,500 (~US$ 1,600)
Entries: 29
Prize pool: TW$ 1,265,800 (~US$ 41,900)

A star-studded lineup of pros and high rollers sat side by side which included Lin Chen An, Pete Yen Han Chen, Iori Yogo, Kuang Hung Lee, and Chu Jen Chi. Also seated was Taiwan‘s hottest running player, He Zong Chi, who recently won the inaugural APPT Open Taipei Main Event. With only three guaranteed to cash, the race for a cut was expectedly fierce.

Two spots to the money, Hsing Hsiung Tai and Alex Wei Xiang Lee faced off in numerous hands that eventually led to the latter’s fall and Tai the chip lead. This brought about the bubble round where Carlos Chang initiated a majority of the action however he couldn’t get past the hot-handed Tai who emptied him out with 10d10h staying ahead of Ah7d.

Final 3
Final 3

With the cash now guaranteed, Tai entered the final three at a 2:1 advantage against both of his opponents. It didn’t take long for the shoves to occur as Tai looked to end the game early. However, the turnout was otherwise. He doubled up both of his opponents and lost the lead to Wilson Lim.

Four hours in, 3rd place was finally determined with Tsai Yu You Ci crippled down by Tai holding ace-king to the lesser ace-jack. Tai was then bumped out by Lim to bring about heads up. The final race to victory was nothing short of a tug-of-war. The more decorated Lim was ahead but couldn’t put the lid on Tai who chipped his way back to par then regaining the lead. After several pound for pound encounters, the players agreed on an even chop and Lim the new APT victor.

1st Wilson Lim – Singapore – TW$ 537,950 (even money deal)
2nd Hsing Hsiung Tai – Taiwan – TW$ 537,950 (even money deal) 
3rd Tsai Yu You Ci – Taiwan – TW$ 189,900 (~US$ 6,300

Event 13: High Rollers Single Day – HAMISH CRAWSHAW – TW$ 373,400 (~US$ 12,500)

Hamish Crawshaw
Hamish Crawshaw – Photo APT

After shipping the APT Taiwan 2020 Main Event, it was back to the felt for New Zealand’s Hamish Crawshaw. His next challenge was the High Rollers Single Day where he fought it out with fellow pros. At heads up, he hurdled past Ireland’s Mark Gruendemann to claim his second win of the series. Crawshaw has climbed well over US$ 1 million in live earnings after his recent successes.

Buy-in: TW$ 54,000 (~US$ 1,800)
Entries: 11
Prize pool: TW$ 533,500 (~US$ 17,800)

1st Hamish Crawshaw – New Zealand – TW$ 373,400 (~US$ 12,500)
2nd Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – TW$ 160,100 (~US$ 5,300)

Event 20: Monster Stack – WANG WEI CHU – TW$ 233,800 (~US$ 7,700)

Wang Wei Chi

Book-ending the series was the two day Monster Stack, one of the tour’s most popular tournaments. There was no shortage of notable players scattered around the room however in the end, it was Taiwanese player Wang Wei Chu reining it in. This was Wang’s largest live score worth TW$ 233,800 (~US$ 7,700) and first-ever APT title.

Buy-in: TW$ 16,500 (~TW$ 550)
Entries: 72
Prize pool: TW$ 1,047,600  (~US$ 34,700)
ITM: 12 places

Day 1 closed with Wang Wei Chi leading. 19 players returned with the money seven spots away. Once the bubble burst, fallouts were quick and the final table was quickly formed.

Monster Stack Final table
Monster Stack Final table

Wang Wei Chu maintained his lead after burning Cheng Chao Ting’s king-queen trips with king-ten full house. Ladies of Poker title-holder Liu Chen Yi was crippled when she ran into aces to exit in 8th place. Jacky Wang went on a knockout spree, eliminating the next three players. His first victim was Pete Yen Han Chen with aces over queens; Chi Hang followed with set over set; the third was Fulin Tseng with set over two pairs. At this point, Wang had half the chips in play.

However, Wang couldn’t keep his stack intact. Go Mori shaved huge portions until a crucial hand sent Wang down and eventually out in 4th place. Mori had ace-queen higher straight to Wang’s pocket queens turned straight. At three-handed, Mori was clearly in command, Wang Wei Chu overtook after sending off Chih I-Fang out in 3rd place. From there, a deal was struck that awarded Wang Wei Chu the win and Mori the higher pay.

1st Wang Wei Chu – Taiwan – TW$ 233,800 (deal made)
2nd Go Mori – Japan – TW$ 260,000 (deal made)
3rd Chih-I Fang – Taiwan – TW$ 137,300
4th Jacky Wang – Singapore – TW$ 99,100
5th Fulin Tseng – Taiwan – TW$ 74,100
6th Chi Hang – Taiwan – TW$ 57,200
7th Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 45,400
8th Liu Chen Yi – Taiwan – TW$ 37,000
9th Cheng Chao Ting – Taiwan – TW$ 30,900
10th Kuo Cheang Seng – Taiwan – TW$ 25,700
11th Yutaka Iwokawa – Japan – TW$ 25,700
12th Wilson Lim – Singapore – TW$ 21,400

Event 23: High Rollers Single Day – HSING HSIUNG TAI -TW$ 407,400 (~US$ 13,500)

David Hsing Hsiung Tai
David Hsing Hsiung Tai

The last High Rollers event was claimed by Taiwan’s Hsing Hsiung Tai for TW$ 407,400 (~US$ 13,500). This was an other impressive achievement by Tai who not only shipped his second win of the series but just the day prior he finished runner-up at the Championships Event. Tai defeated pro Pete Yen Han Chen at heads up.

Buy-in: TW$ 54,000 (~US$ 1,800)
Entries: 12
Prize pool: TW$ 582,000 (~US$ 19,300)

1st David Hsing Hsiung Tai – Taiwan – TW$ 407,400 (~US$ 13,500)
2nd Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 174,600 (~US$ 5,800)

Other Results

Event 12: No Limit Hold’em – GIZ FABRICE – TW$ 114,400 (~US$ 3,800)

Buy-in: TW$ 11,000 (~US$ 370)
Entries: 31
Prize pool: TW$ 300,700 (~US$ 10,000)

1st Giz Fabrice – Switzerland – TW$ 114,400
2nd Chi Jen Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 70,300
3rd Iori Yogo – Japan – TW$ 45,600
4th Wu Chun Hui – Taiwan – TW$ 31,200
5th Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 22,400
6th Chih Ying Liang – Taiwan – TW$ 16,800

Event 14: No Limit Hold’em Single Day – YOUNG JU – TW$ 95,900 (~US$ 3,200)

Buy-in: TW$ 7,700 (~US$ 260)
Entries: 45
Prize pool: TW$ 305,500 (~US$ 10,100)

1st Young Ju – Canada – TW$ 95,900
2nd Chen Ying Shen – Taiwan – TW$ 63,900
3rd Ping Jui Lai – Taiwan – TW# 44,400
4th Chousun Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 32,100
5th Kazuya Kojima – Japan – TW$ 24,000
6th Meng-Ling Lin – Taiwan – TW$ 18,500
7th Po Hung Lai – Taiwan – TW$ 14,700
8th Kuang Hung Lee – Taiwan – TW$ 12,000

Event 15: Pot Limit Omaha Turbo – RICHARD ALLESON – TW$ 52,100 (~US$ 1,700)

Buy-in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 180)
Entries: 51
Prize pool: TW$ 247,300 (~US$ 8,200)

1st Richard Alleson – Canada –  TW$ 52,100 (deal made)
2nd Chang Chao Ting – Taiwan – TW$ 38,000 (deal made)
3rd Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – TW$ 38,000 (deal made)
4th Kristof Segers – Belgium – TW$ 38,000 (deal made)
5th Zheng Yu Xuan – Taiwan – TW$ 38,000 (deal made)
6th Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 14,500
7th Iori Yogo – Japan – TW$ 11,500
8th Ya Shiu Yang – Taiwam – TW$ 9,400
9th Josei Kamei – England – TW$ 7,800

Event 16: WLS Super Deep Stack Turbo – MARK GRUENDEMANN – TW$ 82,000 (~US$ 2,700)

Buy-in: TW$ 7,700
Entries: 44
Prize pool: TW$ 298,800

1st Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – TW$ 82,000 (deal made)
2nd Hsu Chin Ling – Taiwan – TW$ 74,200 (deal made)
3rd Fulin Tseng – Taiwan – TW$ 43,500
4th Chia Hui Huang – Taiwan – TW$ 31,400
5th Collin Ho – Singapore – Taiwan – TW$ 23,500
6th Hamamoto Kenji – Japan – TW$ 18,100
7th Go Mori – Japan – TW$ 14,400
8th Ping Jui Lai – Taiwan – TW$ 11,700

Event 17: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo – CHI JEN CHEN – TW$ 60,100 (~US$ 2,000)

Buy-in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 180)
Entries: 51
Prize pool: TW$ 247,300 (~US$ 8,200)

1st Chi Jen Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 60,100 (deal made)
2nd En Hao Chan – Taiwan – TW$ 50,00 (deal made)
3rd Ori Kossonogi – Israel – TW$ 50,000 (deal made)
4th Li Lun Hsiao – Taiwan – TW$ 25,200
5th Zheng Guan Yu – Taiwan – TW$ 18,800
6th Lee Kun Han – Taiwan – TW$ 14,500
7th Ya Shu Yang – Taiwan – TW$ 11,500
8th Ronaldo Junio – Philippines – TW$ 9,400
9th Cheng Chao Ting – Taiwan – TW$ 7,800

Event 18: Mix Game NLH and PLO HI – HE ZONG CHI – TW$ 111,900 (~US$ 3,700)

Buy-in: TW$ 9,900 (~US$ 330)
Entries: 30
Prize pool: TW$ 261,900 (~US$ 8,700)

1st He Zong Chi – Taiwan – TW$ 111,900
2nd Richard Alleson – Canada – TW$ 64,900
3rd Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 40,100
4th Cheng Chao Ting – Taiwan – TW$ 26,500
5th Li Lun Hsiao – Taiwan – TW$ 18,500

Event 19: Deep Stack Turbo – CHESTER TAN – TW$ 70,100 (~US$ 2,300)

Buy-in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 180)
Entries: 46
Prize pool: TW$ 223,100 (~US$ 7,400)

1st Chester Tan – Singapore – TW$ 70,100
2nd Fang Kao Hsiao – Taiwan – TW$ 46,700
3rd Satoshi Okabe – Japan – TW$ 32,400
4th Fulin Tseng – Taiwan – TW$ 23,400
5th Siyu Sha – Austria – TW$ 17,500
6th Chan Lok Ming – Hong Kong – TW$ 13,500
7th Chih Jen Wu – Taiwan – TW$ 10,700
8th Po Cheng Yang – Taiwan – TW$ 8,800

Event 22: 5 Card Pot Limit Omaha Hi – CHAN LOK MING – TW$ 62,800 (~US$ 2,100)

Buy-in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 180)
Entries: 34
Prize pool: TW$ 164,900 (~US$ 5,400)

1st Chan Lok Ming – Hong Kong – TW$ 62,800
2nd Patrick Liang – TW$ 38,500
3rd Chang Lin Gia – Taiwan – TW$ 25,000
4th Kristof Segers – Belgium – TW$ 17,100
5th Jason Saaristo – USA – TW$ 12,300
6th Chester Tan – Singapore – TW$ 9,200

Event 24: Deep Stack Hyper Turbo – LEE KUN HAN – TW$ 44,300 (~US$ 1,460)

Buy-in: TW$ 5,500 (~US$ 180)
Entries: 34
Prize pool: TW$ 164,900 (~US$ 5,400)

1st Lee Kun Han – Taiwan – TW$ 44,300 (deal made)
2nd Chan Lok Ming – Hong Kong – TW$ 55,000 (deal made) 
3rd Mark Gruendemann – Ireland – TW$ 24,100
4th Chen Tzu Han – Taiwan – TW$ 16,100
5th Chuang Kang – Taiwan – TW$ 11,300
6th Chi Jen Chen – Taiwan – TW$ 8,700
7th Cheng Chao Ting – Taiwan – TW$ 5,500

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