APPT Returning to China for Nanjing Millions

China and its billion and a half inhabitants are definitely continuing to turn the heads of the PokerStars leadership.

As you may remember, in last July, the Beijing Poker Millions became the biggest poker tournament ever held outside of the United States with 2,732 registrations for a buy-in aorund $500 . Faced with this success, Danny McDonagh, the President of the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPT), could not conceal his enthusiasm: "It's been a historical week. Not just the record itself but how it may change the future landscape for poker in China."  The Chinese government recognized the overall achievement of the event, and welcomed APPT and PokerStars to return in December. The Beijing Cup focused on the higher rollers, increasing the buy-in to ¥8,800 ($1,405). 346 players entered the event. 

Suffice to say that today see Pokerstars initiate Phase 3 of its China strategy has nothing of a surprise. From April 14-19, the Nanjing Millions will take place and will be comparable to the Beijing Millions in several ways: a buy-in of slightly less than $500; a symbolic, guaranteed prize (about $ 159,000), which should be exceeded without difficulty; and, finally, the control and blessing of local authorities through the sponsorship of the Jiangsu Provincial Sports Chess Association.


Jiangsu Wutaishan Sport Centre

However, this new appointment will also differ in several ways from the Beijing tournament: it will take place over three days, not six, which almost closes the door to any hope of a new record. It will take place in Nanjing "the southern capital"–a city that now has more than eight million people; and, finally, the theater will be a real jewel–the brand new, Jiangsu Wutaishan Sports Centre includes an Olympic stadium with a 62,000-seat capacity. All of these ingredients further boost Danny McDonagh’s optimism: "The growth of poker in China has been tremendous and we are committed to support this sport throughout the region,” said APPT President. “Nanjing is a key location that allows players from all over the country to participate. The previous two Beijing events last year were very successful and we are proud to be a part of this government-supported event.”

This time the 2015 Nanjing Millions will offer seven tournaments. Two events will give players a chance to contend for APOY leader board points.

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