APPT Manila side event update: Mike Takayama dominates high rollers; Henrik Tollefsen, Jester Intia top big fields; Qiang Xu wins two

With the Asia Pacific Poker Tour (APPTManila National tournament in the books, it’s time to turn our attention to other completed events. Among the winners crowned at Okada Manila, Filipino Mike Takayama dominated the high rollers with 1st and 2nd finishes, Henrik Tollefsen and Jester Intia topped big fields, and China’s Qiang Xu emerged as the first to win two trophies. We’ve got those results and more down below. For the updated results, head to the link provided.

APPT Manila – Festival Results

Mike Takayama wins APPT Super High Roller, runner-up at Single Day HR

mike takayama 1
Mike Takayama

The two-day APPT Super High Roller event saw 10 players cough up the hefty PHP 500,000 price tag with one player re-entering for a total of 11 entries. This generated a prize pool of PHP 5,174,950 (~USD 94,515).

Due to the light turnout, registration closed on Day 1 with Taiwan’s Ting Yi Tsai eliminated on the bubble by John Tech. Tsai’s Qh10d was outdrawn by Qs5s on a board 7s9s3hJs7d. The final three then returned on the next day. Tech proceeded to eliminate Taiwan’s Pete Chen with QcJs top pair improving to a flush against AsJd top pair higher kicker on a board running 3c4cJcKd8c

Entering heads up, Tech was ahead in the count against Mike Takayama however, in a preflop betting war that resulted in Tech all in with JhJd against Takayama’s AhKd, an ace landed on the turn, to send Tech plunging. Tech was eliminated on the next hand to crown Takayama the champion. Takayama pocketed a cool PHP 2,587,950 (~USD 47,265).

Date: August 1 to 2, 2023
Buy in: PHP 500,000 (~USD 9,130)
Entries: 11 (10 unique, 1 re-entry)
Prize pool: PHP 5,174,950 (~USD 94,515)
ITM: 3 places

Place Player Flag
Payouts in PHP
1 Mike Takayama Philippines ₱2,587,950
2 John Tech Philippines ₱1,552,000
3 Yen-Han Chen Taiwan ₱1,035,000

After claiming his trophy, Takayama jumped in the Single Day High Roller event where he raced up to 2nd place, falling only to the champion, Lester Edoc. The event drew 37 entries for a prize pool of PHP 6,603,760 (~USD 120,610). Takayama eliminated Qiang Xu on the bubble with AcKd dominating AhQc. From there, Edoc proceeded to clean out five players eventually facing Takayama for the title. Edoc clinched it withKs10c spiking the King on the river to dust Takayama’s As2c

lester edoc 2
Lester Edoc

Date: August 2, 2023
Buy in: PHP 200,000 (~USD 3,650)
Entries: 37 (29 unique, 8 re-entry)
Prize pool: PHP 6,603,760 (~USD 120,610)
ITM: 6 places

Place Player Flag
Payouts in PHP
1 Lester Edoc Philippines ₱2,245,760
2 Mike Takayama Philippines ₱1,552,000
3 Luan Haitao China ₱991,000
4 Park Cheung Hong Kong ₱759,000
5 Max Menzel Germany ₱594,000
6 Thomas Ward New Zealand ₱462,000

Big fields: Henrik Tollefsen wins Super Deep and Jester Intia tops Deepstack Freezeout

The largest side event to date was the Deepstack – Freezeout with 199 players in battle gear. This created a prize pool of PHP 2,038,397 (~USD 37,230) with 27 players paid. At three-handed, a deal was struck. Joseph Antoi was guaranteed the largest cut while Jester Intia went on to win it to turn his PHP 12,000 (~USD 220) buy in into PHP 287,397 (~USD 5,250) and capture his first ever international title and PokerStars spadie. 

jester intia
Jester Intia

Date: August 1, 2023
Buy in: PHP 12,000 (~USD 220)
Entries: 199
Prize pool: PHP 2,038,397 (~USD 37,230)
ITM: 27 places

Final table payouts

Place Player Flag
Payouts in PHP
1 Jester Intia Philippines ₱287,397*
2 Joseph Antoi France ₱350,000*
3 Feridoun Farboud United States ₱329,000*
4 Yeung Leung Hong Kong ₱171,000
5 Daijiro Tomoto Japan ₱136,500
6 Lester Timonera Philippines ₱105,000
7 Alex Taneo Philippines ₱76,000
8 Laird Bennett Singapore ₱55,000
9 Michael De Leon Philippines ₱45,500

Over at the two-day Super Deep, 144 entered plus 35 re-entries for 179 total and a prize pool of PHP 5,469,345 (~USD 99,890). The top 27 got paid with the title tugged between big stacked Firat Basbaydar and Henrik Tollefsen. After a deal was struck, Tollefsen came from behind to win it. He claimed the trophy and payout deal of PHP 971,000 (~USD 17,730). 

henrik tollefsen 1
Henrik Tollefsen

Date: August 1 to 2, 2023
Buy in: PHP 35,000 (~USD 640)
Entries: 179 (144 unique, 35 re-entry)
Prize pool: PHP 5,469,345 (~USD 99,890)
ITM: 27 places

Final table payouts

Place Player Flag
Payouts in PHP
1 Henrik Tollefsen Norway ₱971,000*
2 Firat Basbaydar UK ₱1,055,345*
3 Chierro De Leon Philippines ₱563,000
4 Jereld Sam Singapore ₱459,000
5 Vamerdino Magsakay Philippines ₱366,000
6 Sebastian Wong Singapore ₱281,000
7 Yakai Li China ₱205,000
8 Kazuma Yasuda Japan ₱148,000
9 David Boyd New Zealand ₱123,000

Qiang Xu wins two side events

qiang xu
Qiang Xu

China’s Qiang Xu became the first player to win two trophies. His first trophy was on Day 2 of the series, after outlasting the 17-player field of the ₱40K NLH Freezeout tournament for PHP 249,340 (~USD 4,550). Four days later, Qiang claimed a much larger payout for winning the Mini High Roller. He topped a field of 48 entries, defeating Hong Kong’s Hon Cheong Lee at heads up to pad up his winnings a large PHP 1,498,520 (~USD 27,370).

Date: July 31 to August 1, 2023
Buy in: PHP 100,000 (~USD 1,826)
Entries: 48 (37 unique, 11 re-entry)
ITM: 7 places

Place Player Flag
Payouts in PHP
1 Qiang Xu China ₱1,498,520
2 Hon Cheong Lee China ₱964,000
3 Hyo Joon Ko Canada ₱643,000
4 Po Hsun Liao Taiwan ₱428,000
5 Rodrigo Molina Garci Mexico ₱321,000
6 David Erquiaga Philippines ₱236,000
7 Ting Yi Tsai Taiwan ₱193,000

Other festival winners

Event 14: PLO Knockout [₱5K Bounty] Re-entry

vage babayan
Vage Babayan

Date: July 30, 2023
Buy in: PHP 15,000 (~USD 275)
Entries: 90
Prize pool: PHP 1,152,360 (~USD 21,00)
Bounty pool: PHP 45,000 (~USD 8,220)
ITM: 13 places
Winner: VAGE BABAYAN – Russia – PHP 186,460 (~USD 3,405)

Event 16: ₱10,000 NLH Re-entry

ho kuen li
Ho Kuen Li

Date: July 31, 2023
Buy in: PHP 10,000 (~USD 182)
Entries: 135 (107 unique, 28 re-entry)
Prize pool: PHP 1,152,360 (~USD 21,045)
ITM: 17 places
Winner: HO KUEN LI – China – PHP 290,360 (~USD 5,303)

Event 18: Megastack Freezeout

kang chen
Kang Chen

Date: July 31, 2023
Buy in: PHP 35,000 (~USD 640)
Players: 102
Prize pool: PHP 3,116,610 (~USD 56,920)
ITM: 13 places
Winner: KANG CHEN – China – PHP 828,610 (~USD 15,130)

Event 20: Turbo Re-entry

alexis lim
Alexis Lim

Date: July 31, 2023
Buy in: PHP 15,000 (~USD 275)
Entries: 103 (89 unique, 14 re-entry)
Prize pool: PHP 1,318,812 (~USD 24,090)
ITM: 10 places
Winner: ALEXIS LIM- Philippines – PHP 349,312 (~USD 6,380)

Event 26: Short Deck Re-Entry

kong seongsu 2
Kong Seongsu

Date: August 1, 2023
Buy in: PHP 15,000 (~USD 275)
Entries: 34 (29 unique, 5 re-entry)
Prize pool: PHP 422,532 (~USD 7,715)
ITM: 6 places
Winner: KONG SEONGSU – South Korea – PHP 143,632 (~USD 2,623)

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