APL HCMC Main Event – Day 2 Chip counts

The Asian Poker League HCMC  Main Event drew out a combined 587 entries (457 players and 150 re-entries) creating a prize pool of VND 8,540,850,000 (~US$366,300K).  Out of the 147 runners into Day 2 only half will see the money with 74 places paid.

Name Country Chip Count
Xuewei Li China 325,800
Amanpreet Singh India 247,900
Cao Ngoc Anh Vietnam 228,100
Calvin Tan Singapore 227,100
Dang Van Hien Vietnam 212,900
Norbert Koh Singapore 209,200
Abhishek Paul India 206,600
Xiaoyin He China 205,200
Ang Boon Seng Singapore 202,300
Qi Tiansheng China 185,000
Phuong Xu Vietnam 185,000
Michael Kim Falcon Denmark 184,300
Quang Nguyen Vietnam 179,700
Alex Choi (Choi Joe Young) Korea 171,900
Hwan Young Kim Korea 168,100
Terence Yang Singapore 159,300
Phan Hong Cuong (Shala) Vietnam 158,900
Nguyen Ngoc Nghia Vietnam 158,200
Bobby Zhang Australia 155,900
Huy Pham Vietnam 155,800
Jay Xuan Canh Vietnam 154,500
Blue Tran Vietnam 154,400
Nicholas Niel Burgers South Africa 152,000
SJ Kim Korea 151,900
Tran Van Cuong Vietnam 151,900
Iori Yogo Japan 150,000
Nam Nguyen Vietnam 147,200
Tetsuya Tsuchikawa Japan 147,100
Duy Ho USA 143,500
Minh Le Vietnam 143,300
Don Mishra Singapore 141,700
RedKing Vietnam 140,900
Jaeheung An South Korea 133,200
Pegasus Vietnam 130,700
Feng Zhao Singapore 130,500
Tran Thai Ha Vietnam 127,600
Jiang Yuan China 126,300
The Anh Vietnam 124,400
Nguyen Hoang Bach Vietnam 124,300
Tao Tien Manh Vietnam 122200
En Ching Wu Taiwan 121,000
Tin Nguyen Vietnam 119,400
Nguyen Thanh Vietnam 119,000
Richard Mari United Kingdom 117,100
Kjell Ove Dyb Norway 116,100
Erik Billgren Sweden 115,500
Tuan MoNa Co Vietnam 114,800
Duong Nguyen Vietnam 113,900
Rouxel Julien France 113,300
Hansol Choi Korea 112,500
Willy Doorman France 111,600
Antoine Ky Phan Vietnam 111,100
Wong Kun Kiet (Raymond) Malaysia 110,400
Linh Tran Vietnam 109,700
Tu Tinh Tao Vietnam 109,500
LCH Malaysia 106,900
Do Hoai Nam Vietnam 106,900
Hai Chuot Vietnam 106,700
Phua Tzai Wei Singapore 104,400
Wen Po Chun Taiwan 101,400
Tran Hoai Anh Vietnam 98,600
Nguyen Nam Duong Vietnam 97,700
Tran Van Quan Vietnam 97,400
Johannes Felix Hoeld Germany 96,500
Jong Young Moon South Korea 95,900
Pham Thanh Vietnam 95,000
Simba USA 93,900
Dao Ngoc Nam Vietnam 92,200
20Feb Vietnam 89,700
Apuweo (Nguyen Hoang Nam) Vietnam 89,400
Huu Dung Neuyen Vietnam 89,400
Teom Ming Fong Malaysia 89,200
Ran Linh Vietnam 89,100
Le Long Stephane France 87,500
Eugene Co Philippines 86,800
Aigars Plicvs Latvia 86,100
Lim Yo Hwan South Korea 85,300
Nguyen Chi Thanh Vietnam 85,300
Coong Trinh Vietnam 84,500
Du Ngoc Tuan Anh Vietnam 84,000
Desmond Yow Jiqwei Singapore 83,100
Hoang Uai Manh Vietnam 83100
Xiaosheng Zheng China 83,000
Phan Hoang Tu China 81,400
Tran Phuc Tai Vietnam 80,800
Tung Nguyen Vietnam 80,600
Ting Shum Kwok Hong Kong 80,600
Lew Yin How Singapore 80,500
Ki Junh Young Korea 80,000
Nguyen Duc Hoang Vietnam 79,900
Mark 888 Zhang China 79,400
Yongsun Park Korea 79,300
Nguyen Quang Vietnam 77,200
Yosuke Iwata Japan 77,100
Nguyen Van Dung Vietnam 76,600
Guan Guang Xiao China 75,800
Nguyen Van Trung Vietnam 75,500
Jul Tran Vietnam 74,200
Sao Bac Dau Vietnam 73,500
Huynh Van Tan Vietnam 71,100
Thinh Nguyen Vietnam 71,000
Azusa Maeda Japan 68,300
Hui Chieh Chang Taiwan 68,200
Nguyen Thanh Hung Vietnam 67,800
Ling Weng Tai Malaysia 64,600
Phan Trong Linh Vietnam 64,400
Duong Ngoc Tuyen Vietnam 63,200
Tran Uy Thanh Vietnam 62,900
Zheng Chuan China 61,300
Thienan Vietnam 59900
Nguyen Thanh Dat Vietnam 59,400
Pham Thun Dat Vietnam 58,800
Steve Arnold USA 58,000
Chane Kampanatsanyakorn Thailand 58000
He Zhong Chi Taiwan 57,700
Nghiem Quang Huy Vietnam 56,600
Lee Seung Su Korea 56,400
La Anh Tuan Vietnam 54,700
Chang Huan Bin Malaysia 54,100
Hoaing Hong Giang Vietnam 53,900
Mel Judah Australia 52400
Si Yang Phua Singapore 52,400
Edmund Eng Singapore 52,300
Kim Kinam Korea 50,000
Harry Tran Vietnam 49,100
Tommy Kim Dong Hyun Korea 48,600
Le France 46,900
Steffen Endres Germany 46,700
Dinh Van Thanh Vietnam 46,500
Trung Nguyen Vietnam 44,600
Nguyen Dang Long Vietnam 44,400
Nguyen Men Vietnam 38,600
Long Lam Vietnam 34,800
Hwang Sang Yeon Hong Kong 33,900
Li Kwon Ngai Vincent Hong Kong 33,800
Daruma Vietnam 30,100
Jun-Long Jian Taiwan 29,900
Wei Cheng Yin Taiwan 28,700
Hoang Chien Vietnam 27,800
Ray Chiu Hong Kong 27,700
Ng Pui Cheung Hong Kong 26,700
Clarence Toh Singapore 26,300
Alvin Tan Kok Chuen Singapore 22,500
Do Cuong Vietnam 21,700
Tran Xuan Truc Vietnam 20,800
Lee Chin Yong Malaysia 15,400
Cao Hoang Anh Vietnam 11,800
Li Kwun Ngai Vincent Hong Kong 10,400
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