APL Ho Chi Minh City: Catching up with the side events

Running alongside the featured event of APL Ho Chi Minh City Road Series Vol.3 at Pro Poker Club were No Limit Hold’em side events of varying structures and buy-ins. Here are the festival’s latest winners:

No Limit Hold’em BB Ante 2

Sam Ng

Prize pool: VND 389,940,000 Buyin: VND 6.6M – Entries: 67 ITM: 9 places

1st Sam Teck Choong Ng – VND 136,480,000
2nd Julien Tran – VND 77,980,000
3rd Lee Chin Yong – VND 47,770,000
4th Kim Hyung Suk – VND 34,120,000
5th Yuen Kin Yuk – VND 26,320,000
6th Tran Xuan Truc – VND 20,470,000
7th Tran Thi Thanh Nhan – VND 17,550,000
8th Qixue Zhi – VND 15,660,000
9th Le Nguyen Duy Lam – VND 13,650,000

No Limit Hold’em BB Ante 3

David Battersby

Prize pool: VND 441,350,000  Buyin: VND 7.7M – Entries: 65 ITM: 9 places

1st David Battersby – VND 154,470,000
2nd Norbert Koh – VND 88,270,000
3rd Kwok Ting Shum – VND 54,070,000
4th Tran Uy Thanh – VND 38,620,000
5th Edmund Eng – VND 29,790,000
6th Xiaosheng Zheng – VND 23,170,000
7th Don Mishra – VND 19,860,000
8th Nguyen Huu Huan – VND 17,650,000
9th Go Mori – VND 15,450,000

No Limit Hold’em Turbo 2

Lee Keun Woo (Polalife)

Prize pool: VND 448,140,000 Buyin: VND 6.6M – Entries: 77 ITM: 10 places

1st Lee Keun Woo (Polalife) – VND 152,370,000
2nd Mai Hoang Giang – VND 87,390,000
3rd Vu Hung Cuong – VND 54,670,000
4th Pasi Heinanen – VND 36,970,000
5th Lee Hoang Long – VND 28,070,000
6th Wang Yi – VND 22,410,000
7th Nguyen Thien Thanh – VND 19,720,000
8th Mitchell Minh Nong – VND 17,930,000
9th Cao Hoang Anh – VND 15,240,000
10th Phan Tuan Vinh – VND 13,440,000

KO Bounty 2

Ang Boon Seng

Prize pool: VND 445,470,000 Buyin: VND 7.7M – Entries: 93 ITM: 12 places

1st Ang Boon Seng – VND 141,300,000 + 8 bounties (VND 2M each)
2nd Toh Liam Tong – VND 84630,000
3rd Phan Anh Khiem – VND 53,460,000
4th Lim Koon Ting – VND 34,520,000
5th Yong Sun Park – VND 26,730,000
6th Nguyen Tien Thanh – VND 21,160,000
7th Terence Yeo – VND 17,820,000
8th Pham Thanh Dat – VND 15,590,000
9th Hung Sheng Lin – VND 14,130,000
10th Lai Chee Hoong – VND 12,920,000
11th Hansol Choi – VND 12,030,000
12th Dhanesh Chainani – VND 11,150,000

*You can watch the Final 8 of the four side events above in the Pro Poker Club YouTube channel

Hyper Turbo 2

Tran Huy Hoang

Prize pool: VND 201,760,000 Buyin: VND 4.4M – Entries: 52 ITM: 7 places

1st Tran Huy Hoang – VND 74,650,000
2nd James Morrison – VND 44,390,000
3rd Yuen Kin Yuk – VND 27,240,000
4th Hwang Sang Yeon – VND 19,170,000
5th Michael Kim Falcon – VND 15,130,000
6th Pasi Heinanen – VND 12,110,000
7th Dao Ngoc Nam – VND 9,000,000

Article by Tricia David

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Tricia David

Tricia David has long experience as a recreational poker player and has been covering poker events since 2010 for numerous outfits in Asia. She spent one year working part time with Poker Portal Asia then became editor and lead writer for all event coverage of the Philippine Poker Tour (PPT). Under the PPT, she overlooked content for their website, and produced live updates on all their events. In addition, she served as the live and online events website content writer for the Asian Poker Tour. Currently, she does live events reporting in Asia for online news site Somuchpoker and is also one of their news contributors.

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