ACOP Platinum Series XIV Main Event: Jen-Yen Chien claims the title

ACOP series sets record

The ACOP Platinum series has always been popular among poker players, with strong field sizes and exciting prize pools to be found each time the series comes around. This week however, the ACOP is moving into new territory as players numbers for the Main Event continue to rise. 345 players paid the buy in fee of HK$5,500 (USD$709) this time, setting a new record for the Main Event field size. This saw the prize pool increase to HK$1,556,122(USD$200,545) with HK$362,122(USD$46,668) set aside for 1st.

Asia Player of the Year Alan Lau

Alan Lau

When running a marathon, the best strategy is always to try and stay close behind the leader, before pouncing on the final stretch. Perhaps Asia Player of the Year Alan Lau had recognised that tournaments are a marathon and taken this strategy to heart, as he finished 2nd in the chip counts on day 1 and entered the final table with the 2nd largest stack. His only mistake was not winning it at the end. It is still an impressive performance from Lau, and one which underlines why he won his Player of the Year title. Ultimately, Lau would have to make do with 3rd place for HK$143,900 (USD$18,545). Which is still a pretty good day at the office by most standards.

Jen-Yen Chien claims the title

Jen Yen Chien
Jen-Yen Chien (Photo PokerStars)

While Lau did well to parlay his 2nd largest chip stack into a 3rd place finish, he was outshone by the eventual winner, Jen-Yen Chien. The Taiwanese champion is having quite a week here at the ACOP, as he also took 1st place in event 2 of this series, earning another HK$115,300 (USD$14,859). His victory in the Main Event came despite only having third smallest chip stack going into the final table. The final standings are as follows:

Place First Name Last Name Prize (HKD)
1 Jen-yen Chien $362,122
2 Wei Lin $229,500
3 Alan King Lun Lau $143,900
4 Matthieu Torney $112,800
5 Ke Ye $81,700
6 Jungsoo Bin $66,100
7 James Brett Goodman $52,100
8 Alan Anibal Arbos Fernandez $44,300
9 Fu Man Tin $36,600
10 Paphawin Laodee $29,600
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