2015 ACOP Main Event: Connor Drinan leads the final table

The ACOP Main Event has provided us with a star studded field of quality poker players this week, and as the fourth gruelling day reaches it's end, we can present the final 7 players who will be fighting for this title, and the USD$760,000 prize money that comes with it. 23 players began the day, and after a steady stream of eliminations through the day, everything slowed with the approach of the final table. 

KC Wong fails to take the lead of the APOY Race

KC Wong was within touching distance of taking the lead in the Asian Player of the Year race before starting the day. He needed to finish in 10th place to receive enough points to claim the lead of the leaderboard but ended up at a heartbreaking 11th place. Other notable names to have fallen on the way to the final table include, Raymond Wu, Yuguang Li, Steve O'Dwyer, and Christoph Vogelsang


KC Wong (Photo Kenneth  Lim, Courtesy of PokerStars)

Connor Drinan leads the final table

The only real notable name left standing at this point is Connor Drinan, who has steadily expanded his chip stack throughout the day. He will bring 1,755,000 to the final table tomorrow, and once again, will start as chip leader. He doesn't have a big lead however, and anything can still happen, with the field being fairly bunched up.

The plan for today was to play down to the final table of 6, but after a lengthy day, with 7 players stubbornly refusing to bust out, that plan changed. The tournament director announced plans to end play with 7 left, Connor Drinan requested they stick to the schedule and play down to 6. In the end, the director agreed to 30 minutes extra play, but even that wasn't enough to see our final table set. With that, 7 will return tomorrow.

ACOP Final Table

2015 ACOP Main Event Final Table (Photo Kenneth  Lim, Courtesy of PokerStars)

Final Table

– 1st Connor Drinan – 1,755,000
– 2nd Nan Tu – 1,370,000
– 3rd Thomas Ward – 1,335,000
– 4th Zhou Zhou – 1,210,000
– 5th Qi Luo – 980,000
– 6th Xixiang Luo – 780,000
– 7th Hsien Yuan Yang – 370,000



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