73-Year-Old Pierre Neuville bets that he will break into the GPI top 50

Neuville decides to make his first ever prop bet

At 73 years of age, Pierre Neuville has seen and done just about everything gambling related, you might assume. Remarkably though, this isn’t entirely true. This week, we discovered that the poker veteran had never been involved in a prop bet before, and was in the process of taking bets on his first ever one.  The bet which has been put forward by Neuville is that he will break into the top 50 at some point between now and June 30th 2017. He will be taking a total of $50,000 in bets from many sources, with players invited to wager up to $10,000 against him.

The Belgian pro has seen a lot of success in the last year or two, including a 7th place finish in last year’s WSOP Main Event for $1.2 million. Despite posting good results in the WSOP and EPT, Neuville is still only ranked 119th on the GPI rankings.

Pierre Neuville - Photo
Pierre Neuville – Photo

Pierre Neuville is almost 20 years older than any other player in the top 300, and claims that he won’t go out of his way to play every tournament available, which makes the bet appear an attractive proposition. But then, it’s worth mentioning that every great prop bettor makes betting against him seem like an attractive proposition.

Stranger prop bets have been made during the WSOP

As far as the bet which Neuville has put forward, it seems likely to have plenty of takers, but isn’t unusual as prop bets go. Most bets of this nature which surface during the WSOP will centre around winning bracelets, but in the past, prop bets have centred around just about anything. Amarillo Slim was well known for his wacky prop bets, having previously won bets by hitting a golf ball over a mile (with the help of a frozen lake), and winning a 100 yard race against a horse by using a 50 yard track where the horse had to turn around halfway through the race. As recently as 2009, Slim made a bet with Doyle Brunson that he could beat him in a mobility scooter race around the halls of the Rio. Knowing he had the faster scooter, Brunson accepted the $20,000 bet, but sharp hustler that he was, Slim knew that Brunson weighed significantly more than he did. Slim of course, won the bet.

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