7 questions to APPT Macau 3rd place finisher, Florienco Campomanes

1. When and why did you start playing poker?

I started playing back in college, during the summer of 2006. My neighbors in the village played a $0.50home sit and go, and my college friends played a $1 dollar sit and go, almost during the same summer.

2. What is your favorite form of poker?

Texas hold'em no limit, I still think it's the purest game of poker!

3. You just finish 3rd in the APPT Macau Main Event, how do you feel about it? Is it your best poker memory so far?

I feel very blessed, but at the same time still very hungry for being so close but not quite accomplishing my goal yet. My best poker memory….Well there are quite a few… One was when I finally won an international tourney in Macau last year, even if it was just a side even. Another was winning a marathon heads-up match for around $70k USD against the best tourney player from our country during that time a couple of years ago… And being the back-to-back Apt runner-up in the high roller finish in Manila was quite surreal too… The back to back runner up APT High Roller Finish in Manila was quite surreal too…

4. What are your goals as a player for the upcoming years?

Will change your plans after your 3rd place finish at Macau? When the year started, my goal was to make at least 2 main event final tables and win at least one. I know that's pretty ambitious, but I've made two final tables already. I still need to win one though… Also, to be ranked in the top 20 in Asia and first in our country in terms of GPI rankings. Despite the nice score, nothing really changes in terms of my plans for the rest of the year. APPT9 Macau Main Event Day 4

APPT9 Macau Main Event Day 4

Flo Campomanes (Photo Pokernews)


5. What are your weakness and strenght as poker player?

One weakness is that I don't think I play as much as I should. That's why I believe there are still a handful of areas in which I could improve. My strength is probably my mental toughness and determination.

6. It seems that there are more and more good Filipino players on the asian circuit? Who is according the most talented?

There are quite a number. But by the way you phrased your question, I think Mike Takayama has the most raw talent among us all… Although Jojo Tech is really at the top of his game now.

7. Money talk: What is your biggest score before this last week end? What is your biggest pot in a Cash Game?

My Macau Poker Cup side event win last year, along with the back-to-back Apt high roller runner-up finishes. Each gave me, give or take, a $25k USD score. My biggest pot was probably a $50k USD pot back when I still played cash.


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