Top 5 Christmas Poker Gifts for High Rollers

That time of year is once again approaching, when we find ourselves searching for inspiration in trying to find the right gift for a friend or family member.

If the person you’re buying for is a poker player, there are several good options out there that stretch beyond the normal options like a set of poker chips…

#1. Poker Table and Drinks bar integration

The poker table and drinks bar integration is one idea that would really brighten up any fun home game, and can be bought in a size small and circular enough that it doesn’t take up a whole room.

It will be a bit on the expensive side if you want to fully stock it with drinks, but if there’s ever a good reason to pause a poker hand, it’s to watch the centre of the table slowly rise up and reveal a bottle of fine whiskey and a few glasses.

#2. Convertible Poker and Dining Table

Another interesting idea is the poker table and dining table combination, which basically involves a dining table with a felt bottom, which can be flipped over at the touch of a button. Being able to use technology rather than flipping the centre of the table by hand is great, but at $43,000, it seems a lot of money for a poker table, no matter how futuristic and cool it looks.


Convertible Poker and Dining Table: $43,000

#3. The Emperor Grind Station

The emperor grind station is really something special, but again, you need to have a decent sized budget. This is most comfortable of seats, the back of which coils over your head to display multiple monitors in front of you. It has everything from ‘therapy’ to air conditioning built in and is one of the most technologically advanced seats ever designed, with different models costing between $5,000 and $21,000.


Emperor grind station: $5,000 – $21,000

#4. Geoffrey Parker chip set

If you’re a millionaire who is only interested in the most extravagant gifts this Christmas, then perhaps a Geoffrey Parker chip set worth $7.5 million might appeal to you. Everything from the chip case to the cards themselves are inlaid with gold, diamonds, platinum, rubies, sapphires, with over 22,300 precious stones in total. You’d have to be either very crazy or very rich to give this to someone as a gift, or to buy it yourself for that matter, but if you had the millions to spare, you could be the proud owner of the most expensive chip set on earth.


Goeffrey Parker chip set: $7,5m

#5. The “Meteoric Poker Set”

If the price tag on the Geoffrey Parker set is a little too eye watering, there are other wonderful chip sets out there, including ‘The Meteorite Poker Set’ from Sweden.

This includes chips carved from a meteor estimated to be 800,000 years old, with white gold plating, and an array of precious stones, including diamonds.

The case has an exterior of polished leather with an interior of reindeer calf skin and is designed by Swedish jeweller company, Stahl. Compared to the Geoffrey Parker chip set, it’s priced at $150,000 and still comes in as the second most expensive chip set in the world.


The “Meteoric Poker Set”: $150,000

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