3M for 3K Recap Day 2: 45 players remaining, Mark Velasquez with the lead

PASAY CITY, Philippines—When the smoke cleared from the fireworks in Day 2 of Mikes Millionaire Maker, the action was halted at Level 21 (6,000/12,000 with 1k antes).

With 72 places paid, the short stacks made their desperate efforts to chip up. And while some fought their way back, many were waylaid and became confined to the sidelines for good as the wars on the felt raged on in this PhP3,000,000 guaranteed event.

3kfo3m field
45 players remaining

At Level 19, the intensity reached fever-pitch as the bubble neared. It wasn’t long before Luke Pangan—the third placer in the inaugural 2M for 2K version—busted out in 73rd place and the rest of the field applauded as part of the tension was finally over.

Mark Velasquez amassed the biggest the biggest haul of the proceedings with 848,000 in chips—built well from his above average stack of 135,000 he brought in from the Day 1C “Regular” session.

BJ Perez locked up second with 615,000 while erstwhile chipleader Raymond Basto—who swept the Cebu qualifiers—still showed a marked improvement with 543,000 in chips.

Among the notable names still in the hunt are Alan Tsang of Hong Kong, former Philippine champion Martin Corpuz and Korea’s Myeong Hwa Park.

With the remaining players now guaranteed only PhP7,800, it will be a monumental struggle to inch closer to the bigger cash and realize their dreams of being the next poker millionaire.

3k for 3M first prize
Winner will walk away with the PhP1,000,000 top purse, and a brand new car

Here is the complete list of the final 45 combatants for the 3M for 3K:

Mark Velasquez PHI 848000
BJ Perez PHI 615000
Raymond Basto PHI 543000
Joshua Pastrana PHI 525000
Martin Corpuz USA 482000
Philip Baider PHI 459000
Sandy Cea PHI 457000
Alex Torrefranca PHI 436000
Joemark Vasay PHI 402000
Don “Pusang Gala” Carmona PHI 397000
Jeorge Lagatuz NGR 390000
Myeong Hwa Park KOR 388000
Jeffrey Caluma PHI 349000
Bong Paltep, Jr. PHI 344000
Alan Tsang HKG 340000
Conrado “Ponga” Pumicpic PHI 314000
Adrian Co PHI 308000
Jun Sacote PHI 304000
Royly “Chipblaze” Oracion PHI 303000
Precil Paalisbo PHI 296000
Jeon Seung Soo KOR 284000
Shim Yong Woo KOR 274000
Mark de la Cruz PHI 273000
JR Alquiros PHI 249000
Alexander Tan Chen CHN 232000
James Cheong SIN 208000
Dante Natad PHI 206000
Maria Argao MAC 196000
Allan Daypuyart PHI 196000
Christian Ortañez PHI 177000
Mike Bueza PHI 170000
William Baroña PHI 169000
Cesar Corpuz PHI 153000
Timmy Song KOR 135000
Nelson Ong PHI 130000
Joey Mente PHI 130000
PJ Aratea PHI 127000
Tommy Kim Dung Hyun KOR 124000
Jae Hwan Lee KOR 121000
Bruce Fabillaran PHI 117000
Raymond Imperio PHI 92000
Ep Chatengco PHI 88000
Kaycelyn Roxas PHI 77000
Frederick Salvador PHI 64000
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