3M For 3K Day 2 Preview: 24 internationals still in field

PASAY CITY, Philippines—with 138 players remaining to contend for the title in MIKES ROOM’s 3M for 3K tournament, it’s anybody’s guess who gets to walk away with the crown, the PhP1,000,000 top purse, and a brand new car. With some favorites not with favorable holdings, it could go down to whoever controls the variables best that could lead to victory here.

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The inaugural 2M for 2K champion Jose “Boyet” Drilon, for instance, is definitely on the outside looking in as a bold call by young gun on the final hand of Day 1B’s “Turbo” flight reduced the WSOP veteran’s holdings to a mere 31,000.

With the average stack at 93,500 and the starting blinds for Day 2 at 2,000/4,000 with 500 antes (Level 15), Drilon and a host of others face an uphill battle to keep in pace with the rest of the field. The good news is that the level durations are now up to 40 minutes, giving them more space to find a favorable spot.

Luke Pangan—who finished third in the inaugural event—is at the average mark (93,500) with 77 others below him while only sixty others are above that “cut line”.

Among the notable names below average are England’s Robert Lane (88,500), 2M for 2K Final Tablist Conrad “Ponga” Pumicpic, Campomanes (61,000), former national champions Rene Pacayra (47,500), Vic “Pokermax” de Guzman (38,500) and Christopher Clark of Canada (28,500).

Overall chip leader Raymond Basto of the Cebu qualifiers has over one hundred BBs (430,000) while Don “Pusang Gala” Carmona is a distant second with 228,000. Korea’s Justin Jaewook Shin is presently at third with 218,000 while his countryman Yun Jin has 195,500.

Those with above average stacks include Alan Tsang of Hong Kong, former national champion Martin Corpuz, APT titlist Joven “Oven Toaster” Huerto and 2014 WPT National Philippines PLO champ Kim Tae Hyung of Korea.

In all, 24 foreign runners are still in the hunt along with Day 1A “Turbo” chip leader Rishi Pradhan of India (127,500), Nigeria’s Jeorge Lagatuz, Hideaki Hasuike of Japan and a host of others from the United States, England, Spain, Macau and China. However, it is the Koreans that still have the strongest international presence with twelve in contention.

Organizers have informed somuchpoker that Day 2 will played down to five tables with the finale culminating in Day 3.

By: Noel Zarate

Here is the complete list of Day 2 combatants with their respective stacks:

Raymond Basto PHI 430000
Don “Pusang Gala” Carmona PHI 228000
Justin Jaewook Shin KOR 218000
Yun Jin KOR 195500
Alex Torrefranca PHI 195500
Alan Tsang HKG 191000
Jae Hwan Lee KOR 186000
Jessie Leonarez PHI 185500
Joemark Vasay PHI 185000
Joshua Pastrana PHI 177500
Alejandro Yutangco PHI 175000
Tae Hyung Kim KOR 174500
Richard Go PHI 166000
Maria Argao MAC 159000
Larry Latigay PHI 158500
Dante Natad PHI 154500
Eman Segismundo Segismundo PHI 153500
Jeon Seung Soo KOR 151000
Jonathan Ramos PHI 151000
Mark de la Cruz PHI 146500
Jonald Aquino PHI 146000
Antonio Angeles PHI 143000
Myeong Hwan Park KOR 142500
Leonard Aban PHI 136000
Mark Velasquez PHI 135000
Joseph Ty Sia PHI 133000
Raymond Imperio PHI 132000
Mike Bueza PHI 131000
Jeser Rivera PHI 131000
Tommy Kim Dung Hyun KOR 129000
Martin Corpuz USA 128000
Rishi Pradhan IND 127500
Frederick Salvador PHI 126000
Anthony Gabitan PHI 124000
Kilian Marcus KOR 122500
Jeorge Lagatuz NGR 122000
Royly Oracion PHI 120500
Alexander Tan Chen CHN 111500
Philip Baider PHI 111500
Jeffrey Caluma PHI 107000
Estelito Bautista PHI 106500
Jerick Almusajin PHI 104000
Romualdo de los Reyes PHI 104000
Joven Huerto Huerto PHI 103500
Sandy Cea PHI 102000
Czar Ian Marcos PHI 102000
Vamerdino Magsakay PHI 101500
Richard “Hot Sauce” Marquez PHI 101500
BJ Perez PHI 101000
Byung Il Park KOR 100500
Bernard Chua PHI 100000
Precil Paalisbo PHI 99000
Mike Takayama PHI 98500
Gary “Ganern” Gamayrat PHI 98000
Kaycelyn Roxas PHI 98000
William Baroña PHI 97000
Ryan Maglasang PHI 97000
Jay Ibarra PHI 96000
Allan Daypuyart PHI 95000
Jonald Garcia PHI 94000
Luke Pangan PHI 93500
Ellezer Castillo PHI 92500
James Cheong SIN 92500
Shim Yong Woo KOR 91500
Cesar Corpuz PHI 89500
Joey Pardales PHI 89500
Robert Lane ENG 88500
Gerald Casey USA 88000
Joseph Santos PHI 84500
Hideaki Hasuike JPN 83000
Bing Soriano PHI 81000
Bruce Fabillaran PHI 80000
Moe Saquing PHI 80000
Conrado “Ponga” Pumicpic PHI 79000
Miguel Marantan PHI 78000
Debbie Olais PHI 76000
Jun Sacote PHI 75000
Ricky Singapan PHI 74000
Bertrand Ortiz PHI 72500
Christopher Quinlog PHI 69000
Felesito Rosales PHI 68500
Anthony Andrada PHI 67500
Elmer “Buddy Boy Blue” Kalaquian PHI 65500
Jenelee Dizon PHI 64500
Timmy Song KOR 62500
Ernest, Jr. Punzalan PHI 62000
Matthew Gregory USA 62000
Ep Chantengco PHI 61500
Esward Peñaflorida PHI 61500
John Clyde Tan ENG 61000
Flo Campomanes PHI 61000
Dave “Spade” Erquiaga PHI 61000
JR Alquiros PHI 60500
Emmanuel Barner PHI 60500
George Salud PHI 58500
Dell Bondad PHI 57500
Rolando Amorin PHI 57000
Ernest Guinto PHI 55500
Richard Jr. Chan PHI 55000
Pedro Gutierrez PHI 55000
Aldrian Villanueva PHI 55000
Angelito T.e.h PHI 54500
Digno Camacho PHI 53500
Don Jay Caparas PHI 53000
JR “Gambit” Clores PHI 52500
Darwin Santelices PHI 51500
PJ Aratea PHI 51000
Christian Ordoñez PHI 51000
Robert San Juan PHI 51000
Ed Marcelo PHI 50500
Richarg Nakila PHI 49000
Nelson Ong PHI 48500
Rommel de Guzman PHI 48000
Delfino Ty PHI 48000
In Chul Shin KOR 47500
Rene Pacayra PHI 47500
Bong, Jr. Paltep PHI 47500
Jojo Bai PHI 45000
Kim Michael Enriquez PHI 43000
Angelo Felix PHI 42000
Bernie Angeles PHI 41000
Joey Mente PHI 41000
Mark Leano ESP 40500
Marvin Cerbito PHI 40000
Edson Orbino PHI 39500
Evely Caparas PHI 38500
Adrian Co PHI 38500
Vic de Guzman PHI 38500
Rhen Holz Villanueva PHI 37000
Jaimak Quevedo PHI 36000
Jose Francisco Zulueta PHI 33000
Boyet Drilon PHI 31000
Christopher Clark CAN 28500
JM Manalo PHI 25500
Liberty Icao PHI 19500
Cian Ballesal PHI 15000
Bryan Bandada PHI 13500
Trisa Camacho PHI 4000
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