3 Videos That Will Question Your Poker Etiquette

Poker etiquette is an idea which falls outside of the laws of the game. When we discuss poker etiquette we are talking about things which the rules do not prohibit you from doing, but that offend and are disrespectful towards your opponents.

Angle shoot

Angle shooting is defined as an attempt to take advantage of ambiguity in the rules, by for example, misleading your opponent with regards to your action. To those outside poker it may not sound much different to bluffing, but in poker, we operate within rules to ensure a fair game. You can go as far as trying to give off reverse tells, but when you try to confuse people about the intent of your actions, you’re crossing the line.


Calling the clock

Time is a sensitive issue in poker, because one player taking unreasonable amounts of time over every decision can affect the number of hands that the entire table gets to play in each blind level. It also makes the game unwatchable on television. Calling the clock after barely any time has passed in order to tilt your opponent however, is very unethical.



In poker, when you gain, someone else is in pain. Don’t run around the table shouting and celebrating like crazy when you outdraw someone in an important pot. It’s fine to be happy and you don’t have to completely hide it, but be considerate. Show a little bit of compassion for the suffering of your fellow player.

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