2023 WSOP: Asia Highlights – July 3, 2023

MAIN EVENT Day 1A closes with 22 Asian players advancing; Shota Nakanishi leads

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After five levels of 2-hour play each, Day 1A of the 54th Annual World Series of Poker MAIN EVENT concluded. Based on the WSOP / Pokernews reports, 721 survived however the official player entry count has yet to be confirmed.

From the Asian front, 23 players bagged up chips, 8 of them were from Japan, led by Japanese Short Deck pro / WSOP bracelet holder Shota Nakanishi with a huge 600 bb stack. Nakanishi finished second in the overall Day 1A chip counts. Also powering through was Yuri Ishida with a very healthy 313 bb stack.

Rank Player Flag Stack BB
1 Shota Nakanishi Japan 360,100 600
2 Hai-Chi Ho China 297,400 496
3 Pete Yen Han Chen Taiwan 189,700 316
4 Yuri Ishida Japan 187,600 313
5 Yilu Yuan China 165,600 276
6 Nishant Sharma India 133000 222
7 Bawoo Yun Korea 117,500 196
8 Kenji Harada Japan 115,000 192
9 Dae Hyung Lee Korea 114,400 191
10 Zhiyuan Xu China 93,400 156
11 Linglin Zeng China 89,000 148
12 Tomoki Terashima Japan 82,000 137
13 Ying Chan Hong Kong 70,700 118
14 Paawan Bansal India 56,100 94
15 Guoliang Wei China 54,000 90
16 Dilip Ravindran India 48,800 81
17 Tongguang Sun China 47,900 80
18 Teruhiro Aritake Japan 38,700 65
19 Asako Kitamura Japan 34,500 58
20 Masao Watanabe Japan 31,500 53
21 Yuichi Sumida Japan 26,800 45
22 Xiaoqiang Yuan China 15,200 25

22:20: Main Event resumes after final break

The last break of Main Event Day 1A has ticked away and players are now back for the last level. Pete Yen Han Chen made quick work of boosting his stack. Also in action is Korea’s Namhyung Kim who is sporting the Somuchpoker patch.

Asia – top stacks

Shota Nakanishi – Japan – 336,000 (560 bb)
Pete Yen Han Chen – Taiwan – 195,000 (325 bb)

22:00: Dawoong Song finishes in 2nd place

Shortly after the break, Daewoong Song was all in with top pair while Moshe Refaelowitz had a small pair and diamond flush draw. A diamond landed on the turn and with no help on the river, Song had to settle for 2nd place. Song earned his 6th cash of the series and a career high payout of $300,410.

21:45: COLOSSUS Update: Daewoong Song doubles up

Screenshot 2023 07 03 224247

Daewoong Song celebrated his double up with Ad2s dominating Moshe Refaelowitz’s Kd9s. However he is still behind 18.5 bb to 45.1 bb.

21:15: COLOSSUS Update – Pete Yen Han Chen finishes in 3rd place

Taiwan’s hope for a gold vanished when Pete Yen Han Chen fell in 3rd place at the COLOSSUS event. Returning from a break, Chen lost a chunk of his stack to Daewong Song then fell shortly after the elimination of Darrick Arreola in 4th place. Chen risked his stack with Kd9d but missed against Moshe Refaelowitz’s AdQd. Despite missing the gold, Chen still turned his $400 buy in into a sizable $216,320 payout.

Chen jumped in the Main Event. Daewoong Song is still in contention for his first gold and first win for Korea in this series.

18:00: Asian update on Event 70: $400 COLOSSUS

Screenshot 2023 07 03 224158

Over at Event 70: $400 COLOSSUS No Limit Hold’em, only five players remain out of 15,894 entries. Among the finalists are Korea’s Daewoong Song and Taiwanese pro Pete Yen Han Chen. Chen already has a WSOP bracelet which he won at the 2021 Online Event NLH Ultra Deepstack event. Chen and Song are both seeking their first live WSOP title.

16:00: Random stack update of Asian players at the end of Level 2

Player Flag Stack BB
Dennis Ng Hong Kong 25,000 83
Nishant Sharma India 140,000 467
Rintaro Kagawa Japan 39,600 132
Yuichi Sumida Japan 67,000 223
Pogeidon Ho China 109,300 364
Namhyung Kim Korea 60,000 200
Hamza Wajawat Pakistan 63,000 210
Paawan Bansal India 90,700 302
Dae Hyung Lee Korea 77,000 257

End of Level 2: 200-300 ante 300

14:00: Asians seen in action

Among the Asians seen entering the first level of play are Nishant Sharma, Edward Yam, and Dennis Ng who came up and told SMP he has already had a deep run. Ng arrived last week and entered Event 65: $5,000 NLH 6-Handed. He finished 64th out of 1,194 entries for a $12,694 payout. At the first break of the day, here are chip counts of a few players in the field.

Player Flag Stack BB
Dennis Ng Hong Kong 40,000 200
Nishant Sharma India 40,000 200
Rintaro Kagawa Japan 67,100 336
Yuichi Sumida Japan 52,500 263
Pogeidon Ho China 73,000 365
Edward Yam Hong Kong 48,200 241
Asako Kitamura Japan 67,000 335

End of Level 1: 100-200 ante 200

12:00: Jamie Gold delivers speech and customary “Shuffle up and deal!”

jamie gold

The 2023 WSOP Main Event is underway with two ballrooms seeing wall to wall action!  Before the cards started flying, 2006 Main Event champion Jamie Gold delivered a welcome speech,

“I know I am up here to do the shuffle up but I really feel compelled to say that what has been put on this year and every year here at the World Series of Poker is such a herculian feat that what the entire team has done, all the dealers, all the staff, what they put on for us, the players, we are so lucky to be able to play at the highest level in a $10,000 buy in and break the record of the biggest Main Event of all time, which I was so lucky and fortunate to win. I am just so happy to be here, so proud to be here, and I am so excited to get into this event. I wish everyone all the good fortune that I’ve had, all the good run that I’ve had, all the luck, except for the last person at the final table against me then I do not wish you so well. So everyone, ‘shuffle up and deal!'”

2023 WSOP Main Event info – Day 1A

Screenshot 2023 07 03 143212

The 54th Annual World Series of Poker opens today with the $10,000 No Limit Hold’em World Championship aka WSOP Main Event! This is the first of four Day 1 starters. Players can also sign up on Day 2 with late registration open for two levels.

As always, buy in for this iconic tournament stands at $10,000. This is a Freezeout No Limit Hold’em format which means you bust you’re done. No rebuys nor re-entries allowed.

Starting stack: 60,000
Starting time: 12:00pm
Opening blinds: 100-200, 200 bb ante
Level duration: 120 minutes
Dinner break: 75 minutes after Level 3
Day 1 bagging time: end of Level 5
Late registration: end of Level 7

Somuchpoker is on-site to capture the action, with special focus on the Asian contingent. Cards in the air at 12pm!

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