WPT Prime Vietnam: Amit Kaushik and Duc Minh Phan earn a billion at the 8 Max Main Event Warm Up

India’s Amit Kaushik was awarded his first ever World Poker Tour (WPT) trophy at the Prime Vietnam festival’s 8 Max Main Event Warm Up. At heads up, Kaushik and Duc Minh Phan struck an ICM deal that guaranteed Kaushik VN₫ 1,006,000,000 (~US$ 42,845) and the trophy. Phan didn’t too bad either, walking away with a payout of VN₫ 1,212,000,000 (~US$ 51,620). 

Amit Kaushik

“I entered the final table as second in chips so I had to play very carefully. I just waited for the short stacks to bust out. When it was down to 4 players I was comfortably second in chips, even then I didn’t have to do much, the chip leader was doing everything for me. When he eliminated Ashish third, we were very deep, and tired, so he asked for a deal and I got the trophy.”

Going deep didn’t come easy though. Kaushik entered the final day with just 14 big blinds and was ranked 54th out of 60 players.

“By three tables, I really had grind it out to and pick my spots very carefully. I waited for hands. Luckily I was able to build a good stack for the final table.”

You can relive the final table battle via the Crown Poker Club YouTube channel. For action prior to the final table, check out the SMP Live Updates.

8 Max Main Event Warm Up rundown

The 8 Max Main Event Warm Up was a hot item on the schedule pulling in 471 entries over two entry days. This more than tripled the VN₫ 2BN guarantee for a prize pool of VN₫ 6,853,050,000 (~US$ 291,870). With each flight playing down to ITM of 12.5%, a combined 60 players advanced to the final day. Leading in the pack was Australia’s Hanna Azimai who went on to finish in 9th place.

IMG 4282

Other players running well were second in chips Linh Ngo Duong aka Duong Phe who finished in 6th place and Trung Duc Vu who entered the day running 8th rank and finished 5th. The most impressive were undoubtedly Duc Minh Phan and Amit Kaushik.

IMG 4198
Duc Minh Phan

Phan held the chip lead for a majority of the final day and maintained rank throughout. Among the numerous players under his belt were Dhaval Mudgal on the bubble to the final table and Ashish Munot in 3rd place. Despite Phan’s massive lead at heads up, he relinquished the title to Kaushik while earning the larger ICM payout.

IMG 4236
Amit Kaushik

For Kaushik, he climbed the furthest, going from near bottom of 54th rank (out of 60 returnees) at the start of the final day to heads up. He eliminated Anh Tuan Nguyen in 11th place to earn second rank entering the final table. This was Kaushik’s career best WPT performance and second highest live tournament score.

Dates: May 22-24, 2023
Buy in: VN₫ 16,500,000 (~US$ 700)
Guarantee: VN₫ 2,000,000,000 (~US$ 85,320)
Entries: 471
Prize pool: VN₫ 6,853,050,000 (~US$ 291,870)
ITM: 60 players

Place Player Flag Payout in VN₫
1 Amit Kaushik India 1,006,000,000
2 Minh Duc Phan Vietnam 1,212,000,000
3 Ashish Munot India 650,000,000
4 Anatolii Gorbushin Russia 483,000,000
5 Trung Duc Vu Vietnam 363,000,000
6 Linh Ngo Duong Vietnam 276,000,000
7 Hung Wei Yeh Taiwan 212,000,000
8 Siddharth Jolly India 165,050,000
9 Hanna Azimai Australia 129,000,000
10 Dhaval Mudgal India 129,000,000
11 Anh Tuan Nguyen Vietnam 103,000,000
12 Trung Van Nguyen Vietnam 103,000,000
13 Luc Tomassi France 84,000,000
14 Huy Quang Dinh Vietnam 84,000,000
15 Huy Quang Nguyen Vietnam 69,500,000
16 Kanchan Sharma Vietnam 69,500,000
17 Thanh Tien Nguyen Vietnam 58,500,000
18 Huu Dung Nguyen Vietnam 58,500,000
19 Thanh Tien Dinh Vietnam 58,500,000
20 Bien Mai Vietnam 58,500,000
21 William Bolton Australia 49,500,000
22 Khanh Xuan Dao Vietnam 49,500,000
23 Romit Advani India 49,500,000
24 Kien Trung Pham Vietnam 49,500,000
25 Thuy Trung Duong Vietnam 43,000,000
26 Amit Tejura Vietnam 43,000,000
27 Harsh Bubna Vietnam 43,000,000
28 Dylan Foster Vietnam 43,000,000
29 Raju Jaruplavath Vietnam 43,000,000
30 Roman Kolotiuk Russia 43,000,000
31 Jun Hao Wu Singapore 43,000,000
32 Jasven Saigal India 43,000,000
33 Sang Yoon Kim Korea 38,000,000
34 Emil Ukalaev Russia 38,000,000
35 Yu Sheng Lin Taiwan 38,000,000
36 Shunsuke Tsujii Japan 38,000,000
37 Dat Van Ngo Vietnam 38,000,000
38 Cuong Hung Phan Vietnam 38,000,000
39 Julien Rouxel Vietnam 38,000,000
40 Konstantin Generalov Russia 38,000,000
41 Kohei Nakai Japan 34,000,000
42 Sebastian Mueller Germany 34,000,000
43 Hieu Duc Nguyen Vietnam 34,000,000
44 Anh Khoa Ngo Vietnam 34,000,000
45 Son Thai Hoang Vietnam 34,000,000
46 Tran Hai Dang Le Vietnam 34,000,000
47 Laksh Pal Singh India 34,000,000
48 Lich Van Vu Vietnam 34,000,000
49 Thanh Tu Le Australia 31,000,000
50 Nam Dinh Phan Vietnam 31,000,000
51 Shung Er Sua Malaysia 31,000,000
52 Khoi Nguyen Vietnam 31,000,000
53 Tu Phuong Nguyen Vietnam 31,000,000
54 Tuan Bao To Vietnam 31,000,000
55 Dung Anh Tran Vietnam 29,500,000
56 Viet Van Nguyen Vietnam 29,500,000
57 Michael Wilklow Vietnam 29,500,000
58 Eric Wasylenko Canada 29,500,000
59 Li Wen Xuan Singapore 29,500,000
60 Mohit Bohra India 29,500,000

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